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Neo-Darwinism is inadequate for modern medicine?

That seems to be the message of a recent paper in Science. more

My take on the Nye-Ham Debate (and its wider context)

I have felt it useful to blog on the Nye-Ham debate at my personal blog, here. I trust the thoughts there will be helpful for onward discussion. My conclusion, in light of say the life and career of this notorious Creationist  ignoramus, and blundering incompetent at scientific fields . . . NOT: . . . […] more

Medical researcher says ID is science, not religion

Researcher says, As a medical researcher with more than 30 years of experience, the recipient of five NIH grants, and more than 250 scientific papers in the peer-reviewed literature, I know something about science … more

Why did God make parasites?

Because She doesn’t like YOU, that’s why. Well, actually, … more

UCLA introduces evolutionary medicine to fight depression

Thus another course that won’t get you a real job is born. more

When bad sciences die, they reappear as bad novels?

There may be a lesson in the fate of psychiatry’s DSM for other sciences whose representatives think that censorship, firings, etc., will solve problems with lack of validity. more

Peer review: Dodge n’ weave: How research results are jazzed up…

Report: Not surprisingly, they found that the spin was successful in leading readers to believe the intervention was more beneficial than it was. more

Measles and religion

It must be the silly season over at Why Evolution Is True. Professor Jerry Coyne has just written a post entitled, Measles back again, thanks to religion, in which he leads off with this bald assertion: This is one of the more palpable dangers of faith: disease spread by a refusal to accept modern medicine, […] more

“Truly open data at BioMed Central” as of September 3

From release: Openly communicating scientific research involves more than publishing in an open access journal; sharing the underlying data is an increasingly important part of the research and publication process. more

Psychiatry a science? It has suffered new blow to prestige

Announcement: U.S. National Institute of Mental Health will henceforth ignore all the [psychiatric handbook's] diagnoses in deciding how to fund research more

A lesson for pop science in the troubled history of psychiatry?

I was just amazed at how unscientific they were. … The ideas were based on consensus, which implicitly is unscientific. more

Has any gorilla ever attacked another, saying you are just a HUMAN?

Every mother has watched a child suddenly … It happened for me when my kid said a complete sentence. more

Mouse can regenerate tissue like reptile

“The African spiny mouse appears to regenerate ear tissue in much the way that a salamander regrows a limb that has been lost to a predator, …” more

From The Best Schools: Gifted neurosurgeon Ben Carson fails Political Correctness 101 at Emory U

“So if Carson thinks that “Darwinian evolution, or any form of pure materialism, undermines the basis of ethics,” he could call Ruse as a witness.” more

Science cheating even in med school? That’ll hit YOU in the gut one day!

“a crisis in medicine and the related disciplines that stems from a lack of integrity in academia. ” more

Gallup Poll of 676,000 shows the most religious Americans have highest well-being

“The statistically significant relationship between religiousness and wellbeing holds up after controlling for numerous demographic variables.” more

“At least 1 percent of human genes can be shut down without causing serious disease.”

Will they end up being called “vestigial genes”? more

Your appendix: The king of vestigial organs has a job again

“Individuals without an appendix were four times more likely to have a recurrence of Clostridium difficile, exactly as Parker’s hypothesis predicted.” more

Michael Shermer: “New research on self-control explains the link between religion and health”

The reason Shermer’s approach won’t usually work is that the people who need the help don’t even want to “will themselves to loftier purposes.” more

British Muslim med students refuse to attend Darwin propaganda lectures

Hey, wait a minute: Why is Darwinism on the med school course anyway? more

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