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Should scientists get concepts across by telling stories?

Speaking as a writer, I would say that the problem isn’t that it can’t work but that it can. All too well. That is, good fiction is just as “believable” as fact. more

A reader wrote to say that he considered the following Fox News hedder deceptive …

Treat popular science media as light entertainment on these subjects, and worry mainly when nonsense starts to invade TED talks, for example. There should be some venues that strive to be nonsense-free, just for the sake of variety. more

Amazing performance: Catholic journalist invents ID theorists, then discredits them, and takes a bow

Mike Behe: Reading this reminds me of the scene from Annie Hall right before Woody Allen brings Marshall McLuhan on camera to tell someone pontificating about his ideas that “You know nothing of my work.” more

New York Times: We never said evangelicals were dumb!

The Times staff want it both ways: To portray evangelicals as happy clappy idiots and then make nice later. Never under any circumstances to ask whether they could be right about something *on the evidence.* more

Never mind Scientific American is into Satan, a New York Times columnist is into ghosts

Chalk another one up to the damage done by methodological naturalism in its decay?: Unable to rid themselves of the conviction that there is more to life than the material or the natural, the naturalists end up carrying on about Satan and ghosts, and getting it all wrong even then. more

Pub Med to allow user comments now

Ah, the times we live in: It will be easier for a scientist to get a controversial interpretation of data into a journal than into a pop science mag or the daily fishwrap. more

Wikipedia shocked!, just shocked!! …

that some editors act for pay to promote stuff. If so, it is a reasonable idea that some also act for pay to demote stuff. Hmmm. more

L.A. Times starts banning opposing views from letters page

What used to be the “free press,” unable to cope with the way the Internet has obliterated its gatekeeper role, is largely morphing into public relations agencies for causes and politicians it supports. Folks, today, “free press” is spelled I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T. more

Why has so much science become science fiction?

Methodological naturalism is a safe harbour for science fiction masquerading as science. more

New Scientist author supports Popular Science shutting down comments.

Will New Scientist be next? more

A note on Popular Science’s editorial tantrum = new “no comments” policy, …

Note that the publication is not called Academic Science, it is called Popular Science. That, presumably, means dealing with the public (republic?) of regular readers … more

Official media story pitches Neanderthal man as not human

In short, the whole story is cast as if Neanderthals were not human, but all recent evidence tends to show that they were. more

Whaa?!! Nature’s Henry Gee goes ballistic on false certainties in science

Some early commenters don’t sound as though they even understand, but what would you expect? more

If we can’t find common ground, at least let’s find charitable ground

Tania Lombrozo has a great piece up at NPR on why, more importantly than common ground, is charitable ground. more

A plea for engineers to take back the Internet

Security expert: I have resisted saying this up to now, and I am saddened to say it, but the US has proved to be an unethical steward of the internet. more

Science writer who admits to doubting mindless evolution theories interviewed on CBC

In 2010, Heffernan had written that “ScienceBlogs has become preoccupied with trivia, name-calling and saber rattling. Maybe that’s why the ScienceBlogs ship started to sink.” So she was already beginning to think critically. more

Further to, But David, the New York Times will go under before…

If Charlie’s right, Amazon’s Bezos would eliminate the Post’s role as the gatekeeper of approved, elite opinion, the way it, like the Times, has always rejoiced in being. Just as Amazon will sell you the books you want to read …? We’ll see. more

What difference will new mainstream media ownership make for ID?

It actually depends on whether new owners of (now) the Washington Post and (sooner rather than later) the New York Times want to use their wealth to dine out with (or buy protection from) a current establishment or use it to expand news coverage to include points of view other than those espoused by current elites. more

Columnist at Britain’s Telegraph wants to “fire” Dawkins over his dangerous tweet

Dunno if that’s like being fired by Donald Trump … more

Science blogger Jeff Toney wants to know who’s the next great science communicator

In the poll, you get to choose between such figures as Alan Alda, Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall, and Carl Zimmer. There is a comments box. more

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