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Can’t sleep? The wild world of new media

From my Connecting blog Silicon Valley immortality: The resurrection of the head In general, legacy media explorations of culture today should be treated with considerable skepticism. Its mavens have a hard time imagining that traditional Christianity may thrive long after Terasem is a footnote in a learned dissertation on Silicon Valley culture. Would the media […] more

Did PZ Myers have anything to do with vanishing newspapers?

But students, why ARE you reading the paper anyway? Just ask PZ, Sage of Morris, Minnesota, what to think. more

When bad science or science writing screams …

ten general qualities found in forgettable science or science writing more

Guy seeks to correct misconceptions about ID – at Darwin pressure group blog

The author of the correction piece then went to the Darwin-in-the-schools lobby’s blog and commented, with results that familiarity will lead one to expect… more

When scientism invades journalism …

It won’t matter what’s in the daily data dump because the pundits will tell us what to believe about it. more

Are “large slabs” of American journalism written by robots?

Many papers’ coverage of issues around design in nature could just be automated in the same way as this story , couldn’t they? more

Genie … meet Bottle!

In short, many current science writers want to be taken seriously as investigators while behaving as cheerleaders. And if the public can’t process that thought, something is allegedly wrong with the public, not with the thought or their overall approach.

Moderator for science mag article on how DNA studies shake tree of life bans discussion of “whether evolution is true.”

The big problem now isn’t whether “evolution” is true or untrue but whether current findings are making it nonsense. more

World science journalists’ conference panelists in a snit over “science denial”

There is a simple solution to these science writers’ problem: Lose the pom poms and the loud hailer. Read what you are writing. The rest of us have. The only thing you are justified in being so certain of is your own certainty. And your certainty doesn’t seem to be contagious. more

Attenborough, read your mail: Evolution is messier than TV

A friend writes to point out a modern-day examples that illustrates this, the walking shark: more

Guy carts out bad science writing, along with demolished literary Darwinism

None of it missed. The New Republic is, by contrast, getting pretty good at junk removal. This latest is one of the best. more

Atheist novelist sears popular science writing

Questions we are not supposed to ask include: “Who believes all this cow plop anyway? Why is everything in pop science media written from the perspective that we all do believe it?” more

This guy is one brave journalist

CBS Virginia’s Mark Holmberg thinks the theory of evolution (= Darwin’s followers’ theory of evolution) should be challenged scientifically. Of course, if Virginia Heffernan survives, maybe he will too. more

More reasons why you shouldn’t bother with Wikipedia …

… if you need correct information, not just free information. more

UD under cyber attack? That did probably happen back in 2006, so don’t discount it

For crying out loud, don’t expect the government to make it their problem. Free access to information is an idea that comes from below, not above. more

Remember Virginia Heffernan? “Creationist” NYT science writer? She survived and is writing a book.

Getting frustrated with evolutionary psychology is not evidence of being a creationist, it is evidence of a capacity to reject the utterly ridiculous… more

The 1970s called: Help! Save the dying mainstream media!

For a similarly profound shakeout coming to science media in particular, see “Nobelist Schekman spells out his challenge to science journals” and “Nobelist Randy Schekman boycotting Nature, Cell, and Science.” more

Science journalists: Should we ask tougher questions?

Translated from Tradespeak, he is saying, roughly: Lose the pompoms. ASK tougher questions. more

Why are popular science media so gullible?

I was thinking of adding “Why are popular science media so gullible?” to my list of questions about what methodological naturalism has done for science, but hesitate because the answer to that one may be sociological. They might have been gullible about whatever wind was blowing through town. more

Media bias against ID? Allow me to present a solution

The only solution is, stop getting our news from such sources on any issue we care remotely about. If we don’t care enough about an issue to care what the distortion is or how it matters, fine, let’s listen to them. more

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