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Anyone remember ENCODE? Not much junk DNA? Still not much.

No one asked Darwin’s followers to insist that most of the human genome is junk. They could come down from the trees any time and no one will even notice maybe. more

Can designs be functional but selectively neutral or deleterious?

Can designs be selectively neutral and even deleterious but still functional? Yes. As Allen Orr said: selection can wreck their exquisite engineering just as surely as it built it. An optic nerve with little or no eye is most assuredly not the sort of design one expects on an engineer’s blueprint, but we find it […] more

Y chromosome arose independently twice at same time, 180 mya

Just an accident. more

Junk DNA files: Genes on the Y chromosome a must for male survival

The Y chromosome had been reprieved earlier from its status as a vestige about to disappear, but this is newish. more

If most molecular evolution is non-Darwinian, how can codon bias and duon codes evolve?

Most molecular evolution is neutral. Done. PZ Myers From wiki: Codon usage bias Codon usage bias refers to differences in the frequency of occurrence of synonymous codons in coding DNA. A codon is a series of three nucleotides (triplets) that encodes a specific amino acid residue in a polypeptide chain or for the termination of […] more

Cost of maintenance and construction of design, neutral theory supports ID and/or creation

Most of biological ID literature is focused on Irreducible Complexity and Specified Complexity (Specified Improbability) and information theory, no free lunch, critique of OOL, the Cambrian explosion, etc, But there is another line of argument that is devastating to the claims of mindless evolution that has been underappreciated partly because it is highly technical, and […] more

A prediction I made in 2006 is coming to fruition

I wrote here in 2006 that the Designer of life has put steganography (hidden messages in DNA) to help scientists understand DNA. The steganography cannot have emerged via selection or neutral evolution, it is just there, it is a design feature. We typically call them “conserved” sequences, but I’ve argued that “conserved” is the wrong […] more

Larry almost got it right, but he just can’t turn the corner

In 2013 Larry wrote On Beating Dead Horses I was reminded of this while reading Salvador Corova’s latest post on Uncommon Descent because he refers to beating dead horses [If not Rupe and Sanford’s presentation (8/6/13), would you believe Wiki? In this case, yes]. I’m not going to make any comments. Read it and weep […] more

“Junk proteins” hit the antiques road show and …

In 2013 functions were identified for many of these “intrinsically disordered proteins” (IDPs), as they are sometimes called. more

Thanks Larry! If a species can lose its stomach, it must mean the mutation was neutral

Larry actually had some rare kind words for me. He said here Cordova is correct. Thanks for the kind words, Larry! Larry goes on to argue that organisms can tolerate lots of mutations and still reproduce. Yes, I agree, but reproduction is not the real thing in question, it is the existence of designs. I’ve […] more

Ganymede: First complete geologic map of an icy, outer-planet moon

No one talks of life there (unless we introduced extremophiles?). more

Does Evolutionary Theory Really Help Scientists?

For a number of years, many of us at UD have made the argument that evolutionary theory, in practice, is of almost no help whatsoever in getting at the secrets of biology. I’ve taken the position personally that it actually hurts, and that it is not a matter of indifference to the study of biology […] more

New genes come from junk DNA?

Researchers found non-coding DNA was source for new genes in fruit flies. more

Linc RNA–once believed useless–plays a role in the genome

Here is a piece over at Phys.Org dealing with “long, intergenic non-coding” RNA. “When we removed the specific lincRNA, we looked at the mouse brain and the progenitors were reduced. As a consequence probably, the population [of neurons] that sits on top of the cerebral cortex are reduced … It’s likely that in the future […] more

Junk DNA turns out to influence diabetes risk

Is someone keeping track of all this for an Atlas of Junk DNA? more

Another pseudogene shows function?

Abstract notes, newly identified non-junk “might have clinical applications.” more

HGT: Flowering plant genome captures four entire genomes

Remember when some claimed that horizontal gene transfer was a minor — exceedingly minor — player in evolution, rarely happened? more

What? Darwin’s followers did not use junk DNA as an argument for their position?

Albert Einstein is said according to one reckoning to have made 23 significant mistakes but he is still Einstein. By contrast, lesser and less secure figures err, their followers are often expected to cover up for them. more

Biotechnology mag says there is little junk DNA

So did ID theorists have anything to say about junk DNA? Yes, they predicted that it was not junk. more

Another response to Darwin’s followers’ attack on the “not-much-junk-DNA” ENCODE findings

CDC researcher says the article by Graur et al. contains assumptions and statements that are questionable. more

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