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Fault Tolerance a greater foe to Darwinism than Irreducible Complexity

Irreducibly Complex systems are those systems (man-made or otherwise), where removal of critical core parts results in malfunction. By way of contrast, fault tolerant systems allow removal of parts or entire sub-systems, yet intended function is still retained. Removable parts or subsystems in fault tolerant architectures are also contrasted with useless parts which serve no […] more

Evolution, Intelligent Design and Extraordinary Claims – Part III

This my third installment of a discussion I began here and continued here on the validity of the claim that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”, or what I call the EC-EE claim. In the first installment we looked at the EC-EE claim itself and asked whether the EC-EE claim is an example of an EC-EE […] more

VIDEO: Doug Axe on making odds on getting to a protein by chance in Amino Acid sequence space

In Illustra Media’s Darwin’s Dilemma, there is a clip on proteins as islands of function in amino acid sequence space: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Food for thought. As a stimulus to such, let us next note how the bloggist Wintery Knight has given an interesting summary of the challenges involved if a chance-dominated process […] more

A “simple” summing up of the basic case for scientifically inferring design (in light of the logic of scientific induction per best explanation of the unobserved past)

In answering yet another round of G’s talking points on design theory and those of us who advocate it, I have outlined a summary of design thinking and its links onward to debates on theology,  that I think is worth being  somewhat adapted, expanded and headlined. With your indulgence: _______________ >> The epistemological warrant for […] more

Andre asks an excellent question regarding DNA as a part of an in-cell irreducibly complex communication system

Newbie commenter Andre, in an exchange with Mr Matzke, asks some interesting questions concerning DNA. First, let us remind ourselves of what we are discussing, courtesy NIH: Next, Andre’s comment: DNA has the following; 1. Functional Information 2. Encoder 3. Error correction [4]. Decoder . . . can you please show me in a step […] more

EA’s “oldie but goodie” short primer on Intelligent Design, Sept. 2003

Sometimes, we run across a sleeper that just begs to be headlined here at UD. EA’s short primer on ID, drawn up in Sept 2003, is such a sleeper. Let’s observe: __________ >> Brief Primer on Intelligent Design   Having read a fair amount of material on intelligent design and having been involved in various […] more

The Bacterial Flagellum Revisited: A Paradigm of Design

Going back to my undergraduate days, I have long been struck by the engineering elegance and intrinsic beauty of that familiar icon of intelligent design, the bacterial flagellar nano-motor. In tribute to this masterpiece of design, I have just published a detailed (31 pages, inclusive of references) literature review in which I describe the processes […] more

Irreducible complexity: “The Enigma Code could be broken, whereas the enigma of the unconscious cannot.”

Nothing like Enigma explains … the behaviour of a large group of people, all with separate individual histories, who get involved with a mass movement. more

An interesting use of the term “irreducible complexity”

Maybe the connection between Darwinism and totalitarian regimes runs deeper than even Richard Weikart thinks … more

How complex systems can arise from chemical elements

If they are directed by thousands of irreducibly complex minds. more

Drew Berry animates the malaria parasite

We’re pretty sure Mike Behe likes it. more

Want to watch the programming of life video and ponder the roots of coded, complex, functionally specific information in the living cell?

The vid is embedded here at 640 wide. Appealing to the WordPress gods to allow an embed here: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt And, let me clip the linked KF post: . . . Of course, there is a hot — and too often quite uncivil — controversy surrounding the inference to design on empirically […] more

Christian Darwinists get it wrong at BioLogos … but isn’t that the job they are supposed to do?

First of all, Venema confuses “irreducibly complex” with “essential for the viability of the organism.” more

Supergeek Stephen Wolfram on “computational irreducibility”

“I tend to think that the concept of computational irreducibility is probably the answer to the philosophical debates of the past two thousand years about the relationship between free will and determinism.” more

Proteins have slip knots, like a shoelace bow?

Evolved somehow? When did “somehow” enter the lexicon of science? At one time, science was about “exactly,” not “somehow.” more

Irreducible complexity of humans is why social sciences must chuck their physics envy

“Because of the many interrelated causes at work in social systems, many questions are simply ‘impervious to experimentation.’” more

Possible new sense organ discovered in whales?

But how on Earth does a rorqual manage to coordinate this activity? [The researchers] describe a sensory organ that they discovered in the jaws of several species that might offer an answer more

FOR RECORD: ID Foundations, 14a — Replying to a trumpeted violation of confidence

For some time now, one of the ID Foundations series, has been on the UD “most popular” list. I had occasion to visit it just now, to see why. I found a statement by a Mr Peter Griffin regarding an exchange with the pseudonymous anti design theory web personality known as Zachriel, and find myself […] more

Don Johnson’s new Programming of Life vid

An exploration of microbiology, information science, and the origin of life. more

mouse trap illustration vs. 3-glasses-3-knives illustration — Irreducible Complexity, Depth of Integration

Darwin once remarked the tail of the peacock made him sick because the unnecessary extravagance of nature was suggestive of Intelligent Design. What made Darwin sick then still holds true today, he never solved the problem, and it is more in evidence by the problem of Irreducible Complexity (IC). To illustrate extravagance, consider the simple […] more

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