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New paper on how computer models don’t refute irreducible complexity—lay-friendly explanation

Ewert: If a model is designed to assist the evolution of an irreducibly complex system, it is not a model of Darwinian evolution more

Paper: Irreducible complexity (IC) not falsified, as claimed

Computer models in the literature are not irreducibly complex. An IC model was developed by the author, but it did not evolve. more

This guy is said to be the Brazilian Michael Behe

Ariano Suassuna, a well known Brazilian writer and thinker, offered an example of irreducible complexity to disprove Darwin’s theory of evolution. more

Reductive evolution of complexity — can we say square circle?

Walter Remine mentioned in passing about a parasite that slowly evolved to lose all its organs except for its anus. Unfortunately he didn’t recall the name of the creature or whether he got all the details right, but rather than peppered moths, if that creature really exists, it should be the poster child of Darwinism. […] more

ID Foundations 23: Dr Stephen Meyer on The Design Inference on Complex [often, Functionally] Specified Information and the Origin of Cell-based Life (OoL)

This lecture by Dr Stephen Meyer of Discovery Institute, with Q & A may be a good refresher and focus for thought on OoL, HT WK: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt WK — a useful blog to bookmark and monitor to see trends and issues — gives a helpful bullet point outline, in part: intelligent […] more

Refereed paper in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences uses “irreducible complexity” in same sense as ID theorist Behe?

Pitt physicist David Snoke notes, They are using “irreducible complexity” in the same sense as Behe. This is not a case of accidental use of the same phrase to mean something different. more

Michael Behe on UK’s The Mind Renewed

Dr. Behe explains how his research into the complexity of biological systems at the molecular level led him to question the adequacy of the Darwinian paradigm, and why he now believes that the data point towards Intelligent Design. more

A moment of anti-Darwinian honesty at Wiki — the problem of genetic redundancy

Wikipedia is known to be Darwin loving, but here is a moment of anti-Darwinian honesty: Genetic redundancy is a term typically used to describe situations where a given biochemical function is redundantly encoded by two or more genes. In these cases, mutations (or defects) in one of these genes will have a smaller effect […] more

Theistic evolutionist: Can we absolutely prove that the fruit fly with ant decals on its wings could not happen by chance?

Meanwhile, Darwin’s man Jerry Coyne is “too harried to think about alternatives now.” more

sRNA for Quorum Sensing: Evidence for CSI?

Bacteria demonstrate intra-species communication that is species specific using a partner with a communication molecule. Bacteria are also “multilingual” with a generic trade language for interspecies communication. Bacteria control tasks by signal producing and receiving receptors with a signal carrier. The tasks bacteria conduct depend on the concentration they sense of self bacteria versus generic […] more

Biochemistry and molecular biology magazine describes protein origin as …

Close to a miracle more

Refereed science journal article argues for irreducible complexity

Here. Why don’t they just revoke the science creds of anyone who thinks there is more to know than Darwin ((“the best idea anyone ever had”) did? Alternatively, life has moved on. more

UD Pro-Darwinism essay challenge unanswered a year later, I: Let’s get the essence of design theory as a scientific, inductive inference straight

Today marks a full year since I issued an open challenge to Darwinists to ground their theory and its OOL extension and root, in light of actually observed capabilities of blind watchmaker mechanisms of chance and necessity through an essay I would host here at UD. The pivot of the challenge is the modern version […] more

ID theorist Mike Behe was refused a response in Microbe

Behe: Dr. Lacey, most publications consider it responsible journalism to publish letters by well-known advocates of views attacked in articles. Yes, but Lacey can get a salary from suppressing dissent. more

Challenge to Uncommon Descenters from ID Facebook page

The claim is that evidence from hundreds of laboratories shows that the flagellum is NOT irreducibly complex. more

Solving the Origin-of-Life Problem

There are three main approaches to current origin-of-life studies – metabolism-first, replication-first, and membrane-first. The problem with each of these approaches is that they ignore the reality of irreducible complexity in self-replicating system. more

Selection after something exists is not the same as selection before something exists, except…

Selection after something exists is not the same as selection before something exists, except in confused, illogical thinking of Darwinists. This is the heart of the problem that Behe’s Irreducible Complexity poses for Darwinism. I once offered a Darwinist $100 if he could figure out the 40 letter password I’d written on a piece of […] more

Fair representation of ID theorist Michael Behe … from a typical legacy media source?

Can’t see where the comments box is, but no doubt it will soon be chock full of vituperation from the friends of Darwin. Tomorrow is Tuesday, after all. more

Irreducible complexity develops spontaneously?

Calvin College prof presented his model at the recent ASA meet. more

Is there a transitional in princple for these hearts?

Yeah, only in Dawkins’ dreams. Look at the right atrium in these four creatures from Encyclopedia Britannica: How did that right atrium evolve from one side to the other along with changes in its connection to the pulmonary artery? In the crocodile and snake the right atrium is on the right ventricle but in the […] more

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