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Neanderthal man discovers denim

Recent evidence that early human groups intermingled means that Neanderthal man can’t really play that role with anything like the gusto he formerly displayed. more

It’s okay to tweak science for a cause, say journal authors

Oddly, none of these people think the rest of us are capable of figuring out that they aren’t telling the truth. more

Is the brain a pasta maker or radio receiver, for thoughts?

The radio image accounts just as effectively for what we actually see. The reason for its unpopularity is that it is not materialist. more

When Big Data fails

… proving that information is not God either. When Big Data fails, common sense comes into its own more

If you are a Christian, never question whatever pseudo-science is popular among the chatterati …

… otherwise, their God of the Gaps will get you!

A short post on fixation

In a recent post, Professor Larry Moran accused me of shifting the goalposts, in order to avoid a discussion about whether evolution could account for the fixation of 22.4 million mutations in the human lineage, since we broke away from the chimps, five million years ago. Not being one to run away from a controversy, […] more

This guy is said to be the Brazilian Michael Behe

Ariano Suassuna, a well known Brazilian writer and thinker, offered an example of irreducible complexity to disprove Darwin’s theory of evolution. more

Is “species” an empty concept now?

Maybe the world is so fuzzy below the level of the genus that another approach to classification should be sought (and why that won’t happen soon). more

Guy seeks to correct misconceptions about ID – at Darwin pressure group blog

The author of the correction piece then went to the Darwin-in-the-schools lobby’s blog and commented, with results that familiarity will lead one to expect… more

One bat species turns out to be seven

Don’t forget how much of the whole concept of a “species” is obscured and vitiated by the hunt for observed Darwinian speciation. more

2013 paper: Bioelectric code helps govern embryo shape

So, what exactly, does the selfish gene do that it supposedly runs everything? more

When Darwin’s followers debate…

“Interrogated by the audience” as in, Was this one of Darwin’s statements more wonderful than that one? Or is there really no way to tell? more

Cosmologist: Black holes produce new universes, physics laws

In fairness, it’s not easy to get all the science kitsch (Darwinism, multiverse, black hole woo) together in just one theory; gotta give Smolin credit for that. more

Who do Cosmos’ producers think cares about science anyway?

The supposed natural Cosmos fans are not the vanguard of a scientific revolution; they are the vanguard of believing whatever turns your crank. more

Mapping the Brain’s Connections—The Connectome

As we have seen before the brain has more switches than all the computers and routers and Internet connections on Earth. That is not all the brains on Earth, nor all human brains, but merely a single brain of a single human. With over 100 billion nerve cells, or neurons, and a quadrillion synapses, or connections, it is, […] more

“We Shouldn’t be Surprised that it Could Happen Because, Well, it Happened Didn’t it.”

A frequent materialist retort to the fine-tuning argument is “We shouldn’t be surprised that unlikely event X happened, because X in fact happened.” I hope my materialist friends will enlighten me, because this statement seems daft to me. For example, in Why Earth Isn’t Fined Tuned for Life, UD’s News Desk quotes David Waltham: we […] more

OK, comments are on now

Erik Anderson, thanks for your post giving readers the opportunity to comment on my new video and Biocomplexity paper. As you noted, I usually leave comments off when I post on this topic, for exactly the reason you stated, they usually generate more heat than light. In fact, which I noticed your post this morning, […] more

First epigenetics, now epigenomics

The people standing athwart epigenetics and yelling “Stop!” probably won’t like epigenomics either. more

DNA doesn’t even tell teeth what they should look like

More from the tortured world of gene-centricity. more

Turns out, Earth is in the “lamest” part of the universe

The latest in Onion-ology: PARIS—Citing factors ranging from the dumb, ugly asteroid belt separating the terrestrial planets from the gas giants, to the super-boring and practically empty interstellar medium extending in nearly every direction, new research published Wednesday by the International Astronomical Union has concluded that Earth is located in “by far the lamest” region […] more

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