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Are you politically correct? A questionnaire

If you have to wonder what Princess Fluffy Bunny thinks before you answer, you don’t need any more questions. Seek help. more

Kirk Durston on “God and Science – Is there a Conflict?” . . . food for thought

I think we need to watch a video by Friend of UD, Kirk Durston. But first, a loop-back note: I have been rather busy elsewhere with issues like AS-AD, Kondratiev waves, Hayek’s investment triangle, SD and Schumpeterian creative destruction.(Pardon the resulting absence.) BTW, this line of thought leads me to hold that the oh- so- […] more

Science blogger Chad Orzel treads on Superman’s cape

Superheroes are anti-science. Someone should tell Neil DeGrasse Tyson. more

Supersymmetry at a crossroads? No kidding! Again?

They won’t really confront any “epochal paradigm shift” no matter what happens because the standard is subtly changing. more

Amazing machine animations

Recently I came across some amazing animations of various kinds of engines and other machines at the following Web sites, which I thought I might share with readers: Here, here, here, here and here. Two questions to ponder: (1) How many of these machines have analogues in the world of living things? (2) What predictions […] more

Today in horizontal gene transfer: Ferns adapted to low light via HGT

Researcher: We’re actually seeing more and more incidence of horizontal gene transfer in plants. more

Evidence of natural selection is not evidence against design, the Designer made NS

The ID-friendly version of Natural Selection was pioneered by the creationist Blyth. I have also argued that there is credible evidence that Darwin plagiarized and distorted Blyth’s work. I view Natural Selection as itself a design feature of optimization and search. Whereas Darwinist view natural selection as a mechanism of design, I view natural selection […] more

Bringing images of ancient plants to life

Lycopods (club mosses) may be “inconspicuous” but they are certainly a durable group. They used to be forests. more

Same pattern, different implementations. One is designed, the other is not designed.

Paper snowflakes: Water (real) snowflakes: Even though the two sets of snowflakes share similar hexagonal patterns, and even though we could envision paper snowflakes having exactly the shapes of those found by Wilson “snowflake” Bentley, paper snowflakes would be regarded as designed even though they share the same pattern as those that arise via natural […] more

Celebrate Wallace Day—honouring the first ID biologist

Wallace was Darwin’s co-theorist, hastily shoved out of the way (he turned out to be a supporter of design in nature). more

Science: No consensus among experts on when the human race arose

Real and imagined “human evolution” is now so integral to our culture that demand outpaces authenticity. “Missing links” turn up as dead ends. more

Biology Students Score Below Religion and Classics Students on Test of Critical Thinking

This chart is interesting. One wonders why biology students do so poorly while classics and religion students do so well. One hypothesis: classics and religion students learn critical thinking skills while biology students are taught to parrot the central dogma. The chart is from a study of which undergraduate majors correlated most highly with success […] more

Can’t risk new directions AFTER tenure either, says prof

Prof: too many grant proposals are written for research that is already well underway with pretty much guaranteed outcomes. more

This just in: Four-quark hadron

Particle was disputed on the basis of more doubtful earlier evidence; now considered confirmed. more

Science neither disproves God nor proves Darwin?

Are times changing? Do people no longer need to make ritual obeisance before Darwin, just to record some fact or make some point or other? Wow. more

Branko Kozulic Responds

Dr. Kozulic has requested UD to post the following response to Dr. Torley’s recent retraction vis-à-vis the fixation issue: Since my reputation is at stake, I kindly ask you to make my position public in another post at Uncommondescent under the title: ‘When I am not wrong’, with the following text: Dr. Kozulic would like […] more

A question of bias

In a recent post, Professor Moran issued me with a challenge: Vincent, let’s test your honesty. Considering the two sides of this debate, do you honestly think that evolutionary biologists are more likely — or at least as likely — to be swayed by ideological bias and emotion as the creationists who argue against evolution? […] more

Branko Kozulic responds to Professor Moran, Part II

I would like to thank Professor Moran for kindly addressing the issues raised in my previous post, “Branko Kozulic responds to Professor Moran”. The answers did help me clarify some points that I was struggling with, in my thinking. In this reply, I am speaking in my own name only. (Note by vjtorley: I have […] more

Maybe we WILL have to see this film

A film like God’s Not Dead that introduces fundamental physics as something other than a vehicle for crackpot cosmology must have something going for it. more

Friend Terry Mirll’s prize-winning sci-fi story now available

“Astrafugia” is identified as science fiction. By contrast, multiverse proponents insist their work is non-fiction, in defiance of all literary conventions. more

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