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Coming to terms with Norway’s accused mass murder, and others

Scott gains credibility with us right away when he points to historical events instead of evoking some flapdoodle about human evolution. He could be wrong, but at least it’s discussable. more

Culture: Does cutting off communications restore order?

Information tends to lessen anxiety even if it is bad news. As news gatherers know, before too long, more credible sources prevail over less credible ones. more

How one student paid for questioning Darwinism

It was so painful and frightening that Evelyn had decided that in order to secure her future she should never again mention her doubts about neo-Darwinian evolution. In addition, she resolved that she should also never again speak to me. more

Banned Books Week: Never a bonfire around when you need one?

Banned Books Week pleads for special protection for those books that represent the leading edge of where the establishment wants to go next, not for intellectual freedom in general. These friends of books never focus on bans initiated by the (true) establishment. more

Intellectual freedom: Because it is real, it has enemies

There is an enemy occupation, but there is still a free world. more

University watch: Liberal profs starting to complain too?

The problem is, the “liberals” publishing the stern critiques are probably old style “liberal arts” types – when liberal arts meant something rational and relevant. more

The criminal hyperlink, and how it affects you

Can governments succeed in getting control of the Internet? Probably not, ultimately. But they can target you in an inquisition from Hell while they slowly fail. An inquisition on any subject that a pressure group has made important. more

California Science Center answerable for canning non-Darwin film

Figures the official Darwinists would arise from their leather-bottomed chairs to try to suppress a film that shows the public the knowledge that the science czars were depriving us of. This time it did not work. more

Expelled movie now on YouTube, one vid

Here. Polish subtitles. Embed disabled. Follow UD News at Twitter! more

Interview: Colorado lawyer Barry Arrington on recent “free speech about Darwin’s errors” win at Colorado university

— for every student with the courage to speak up, I suspect there are dozens who have been effectively cowed by the high priests of liberal orthodoxy. more

Evolution of intellectual freedom

In panel form. more

Why the second law of thermodynamics really is a threat to Darwinist tenure

Granville Sewell, math prof, satirist of silly ideas, and apology recipient (from math journal), has this to say about Darwinists’ attempt to rescue their theory from the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Organization always decrees, left to itself. Anyone who has made such an argument is familiar with the standard reply: the Earth is an open […] more

Intellectual freedom: Him now, you next

Unless, of course, it’s okay that bureaucrats and social engineers do your thinking for you … in which case, you won’t be next, you’ll just be toothpaste. “In Defense of ‘Hurtful’ Speech” (The Wall Street Journal June 24, 2011) Geert Wilders speaks out on an issue of critical importance to the intelligent designcommunity: free thought: […] more

Worried about getting a good affordable education in Darwinworld?

Naomi Schaefer Riley discusses “The Economic Upside to Ending Tenure” ( Chronicle of Higher Education, June 19, 2011): In her new book, The Faculty Lounges: and Other Reasons Why You Won’t Get the College Education You Paid For (Ivan R. Dee), Naomi Schaefer Riley argues that faculty tenure is among the factors contributing to the […] more

She said it: Nancy Pearcey’s thoughtful article on how “Christianity is a Science-starter, not a Science-stopper”

One of the most common objections to design thought is the idea that it is about the improper injection of the alien  supernatural into the world of science. (That is itself based on a strawman misrepresentation of design thought, as was addressed here a few days ago.) However, there is an underlying root, a common […] more

He said it: Prof Lewontin’s strawman “justification” for imposing a priori materialist censorship on origins science

Yesterday, in the P Z Myers quote-mining and distortion thread, I happened to cite Lewontin’s infamous 1997 remark in his NYRB article, “Billions and Billions of Demons,” on a priori imposition of materialist censorship on origins science, which reads in the crucial part: It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel […] more

Darwin and the Beauty Pageant

Lest there be any lingering doubt about how far Darwinians might go in the enforcement of the dogma, it now appears that even beauty pageant contestants are not immune to consequences for failing to toe the Darwinian line. Contestants in this year’s Miss USA pageant are being asked questions about whether evolution should be taught […] more

Is Amazon now enforcing review standards?

At Cannuckian Yankee’s comment 14 on UD Contest post “Why do people refuse to read books they are attacking?” (now being judged), we learn, There’s a guy on Amazon who’s extremely anti-ID. He comments on or reviews just about every ID book, but it’s quite obvious that he never reads the books. He goes by […] more

Breaking, breaking: ID-friendly math prof Granville Sewell gets apology and damages from journal

Math journal retracted one of our UD authors’ accepted article only because Darwinist blogger complained A brief, lay-friendly, look at Sewell’s stifled paper is here. Comment on it’s significance here. This just in: Granville Sewell on the controversy. [This post will remain at the top of the page until 5:00 pm EST. For reader convenience, […] more

Granville Sewell vindication latest in string of recent defeats for Darwin lobby … straw in the wind?

Journal’s apology story here. It wasn’t like this years ago. I remember Rick Sternberg writing to me mid-decade, about how the Smithsonian honchoes were, at that time, holding meetings to decide his fate. The problem was: They had to get rid of him because he doubted the Darwin lobby’ theories, but had broken no rules. […] more

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