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Wikipedia says author not acceptable source for his own work

Just another reason why the News desk here rarely or never uses Wikipedia as a source. more

Wise words on free speech …

A correct understanding of which is becoming critical. more

“How to Think”, and How Not to – and How to Grow Up before it’s too late

It’s not that the Common Dreams folk don’t have topics for criticism, but that they don’t have a philosophical position from which criticism could be meaningful or morally compelling. more

“Pseudoscience” sometimes just means research the tenure bores should have done but didn’t

And now they have to persecute everyone who did. more

Kiddie neurosurgeon Ben Carson, evolution, and morality

“many evolutionists — from Darwin to the present — have argued and are still arguing precisely the point that Dr. Carson was highlighting” more

They said it: Dr Nick Matzke vs Dr John Lennox on the Laws of Nature and Miracles

In the ongoing Methodological Naturalism thread, at no. 66, Dr Matzke is on record: massive observational evidence and the logic of our understanding of natural laws rules say that that miracle thing can’t happen. In short he holds that the laws of nature forbid miracles. (And recall, here, we are speaking about the late publicist […] more

Self-organization theorist James Shapiro on Tennessee academic freedom bill

In “What Is the Best Way to Deal With Supernaturalists in Science and Evolution?”(Huffington Post , April 16, 2012), University of Chicago microbiologist James Shapiro, suggests, Thirty years ago, I was at a conference in Cambridge, England, to celebrate the centennial of Darwin’s death. There, Richard Dawkins began his lecture by saying, “I will not […] more

Coppedge case: Hostility to ID is largely information-free

It’s not that there isn’t an anti-ID blogosphere (yes, there is, and it’s huge), but …there is no Blog of Record. more

David Coppedge trial: Coppedge was never informed that he was being investigated

And after you read this, you will never ever try selling chocolate almonds for charity at work again. more

Dave Coppedge trial: Today’s Darwinism suits a world run by bureaucrats

He kept his mouth shut about ID? But that makes no difference once they knew he wasn’t just a stooge. more

Professional banishment? For fronting facts? No, this isn’t the usual story …

“Eventually, other geologists joined his cause and filled in the intricate details, …” more

Dave Coppedge case spotlights Darwin Guild’s “inquisitorial services”

“Most folks in scientific fields, faced with the fear that Darwinists seek to instill, keep quiet about their Darwin doubts.” more

Mimivirus discoverer doubts Darwin, banned from publication in France

“Scientists at Raoult’s lab say they wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.” more

Was Isaac Newton (1642-1727) a bad scientist because he believed the world ends in 2060?

What would become of Newton at the hands of a British science czar like Beddington who advocates that scientists be “grossly intolerant”? more

Wikipedia to black out in English for 24 hours tomorrow …

… to protest government interference in the Internet more

Dave Coppedge: The only forbidden assumption is that evidence for fine-tuning is not an illusion

Tax-supported science gets taken over by new atheist viewpoints, according which any explanation is acceptable except fine-tuning or design. more

ID Foundations, 10: Alfred Russel Wallace takes on the attitude and assumptions behind methodolical naturalism

(Series) Alfred Russel Wallace is the all but forgotten co-founder of modern evolutionary thought. His major book reveals a bit of why, right from the title and sub-title: The World of Life: a manifestation of Creative Power, Directive Mind and Ultimate Purpose. In short, Wallace was a design thinker, and in fact he was also […] more

Growing demand from governments worldwide, to control the Internet

“policy authority for Internet-related public issues is the sovereign right of states.” more

When the student speech code enforcer rises to a mid-level government job in 2020 …

The students who are allowed to indulge in censorship today will be social leaders tomorrow who do not see the point of protecting people, places, or ideas they don’t like. more

Italian Wikipedia may shut down due to new laws against “giving offence”?

Could well be legit threat if Canadian experience is any guide. more

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