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The Contempt of PZ Myers

Our old friend PZ Myers holds school boards in utter contempt. In a recent blog post at his widely followed Pharyngula blog site, he takes contemptuous pot shots at the Springboro, OH School Board for having the audacity to even consider a “critical thinking” policy in the curriculum. The Springboro Community City School District is […] more

NCSE affirms evolutionism is no longer the core of science education

I think the NCSE got tired of defending Darwinism. I guess the Discovery Institute promoting ID and the creationists promoting creationism was bad enough, but when mainstream scientists began to join the anti-Darwin fray, it was too much. So what did the NCSE do? They found something to replace Darwinism as the central core of […] more

Peer Reviewed Paper: Neo-Darwinism falsified

HT: Nullasullus Evolutionary theory itself is already in a state of flux… all the central assumptions of the Modern Synthesis (often also called Neo-Darwinism) have been disproven Denis Noble Physiology is rocking the foundations of evolutionary biology Nice to hear the truth for a change. The paper drew on the work of James Shapiro (who […] more

What qualifies as science in the wonderful world of Disney

The scientific enterprise entails: 1. observation 2. hypothesis 3. testing Consider this passage from the class text of an introductory cosmology class I took once upon a time: galaxies farther than 4300 megaparsecs from us are currently moving away from us at speeds greater than that of light. Cosmological innocents sometimes exclaim, “Gosh! Doesn’t this […] more

PZ Myers defends ID-Friendly University Course!

Jerry Coyne has infiltrated a heretofore secret ID operation at Ball State University. Since the secret is now out and in the hands of the Darwinists, I may as well report on it. Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana, is a public university (i.e., part of the state university system). … The course is taught […] more

The Theistic Geologist

Three geologists stand at the foot of Mt. Rushmore. The first geologist says, “This mountain depicts perfectly the faces of four US presidents, it must be the work of a master sculptor.” The second says, “You are a geologist, you should know that all mountains were created by natural forces, such as volcanos and plate […] more

That’s exactly what we predicted

Here’s a good one, over at Evolution News: Dawkins, 2009: DNA… it’s full of junk… which is just as Darwinism predicted… how embarrassing for those creationists who say it shouldn’t be! Dawkins, 2012: DNA… it’s not full of junk… which is just as Darwinism predicted… nothing for the creationists to take advantage of here, move […] more

Examples of Darwinist “Free” Thought Blogging

There is never ending drama over at Darwinist Ed Brayton’s “Free” Thought Blogs (FTB). We have the example of Greg Laden (affectionately known as Greg bin Laden by some), describing how he intends to terrorize a US Army soldier: Think about that. You f–king sh-t. Now, get forever out of my life. Do not turn […] more

Radical Feminism, the Unwitting Ally of ID and Creationism

Radical feminists are attempting to seize leadership of the New Atheist movement (aka GNU atheist movement). With big fanfare, we hear: Atheism Plus: New New Atheists Let me introduce you to Atheism+, the nascent movement that might be the most exciting thing to hit the world of unbelief since Richard Dawkins ….. there have been […] more

Richard Dawkins defends the idea of having a mistress and lying about it

Many felt disgust with former vice presidential candidate John Edwards for cheating on his terminally ill wife Elizabeth Edwards. In the process of his affair, Edwards fathered a child with his mistress, Rielle Hunter. Rielle is now one of the most hated women in America. But according to evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, men having mistresses […] more

Ken “we suck” Miller wrong again — peer reviewed article obliterates Miller’s claims

Lamenting the fact Darwinist have a hard time persuading the public, Darwinist Ken Miller once said of himself and his colleagues”WE SUCK“. Curiously, Jerry Coyne said the same thing, “WE SUCK“. Egg surely is now on Ken Miller’s face in light of new scientific developments. But first, what did Miller claim: “Intelligent design cannot explain […] more

“Shepherd of the Internet Trolls” — “PZ Myers and the Art of Shameless Dishonesty”

Famous atheist Sam Harris in Wrestling the Troll describes “unscrupulous people like PZ Myers” who run an “odious blog” as the “shepherd of Internet trolls”. In saying this Harris also managed to say a few things about PZ’s followers. But one of the best descriptions of PZ Myers and the thought control exercised at PZ […] more

NCSE’s Project Steve named after a Creationist

The NCSE has boasted about the list of people named Steve who are evolutionists. The irony is that The NCSE’s Project Steve is named after Stephen J. Gould who has been labeled by his peers as an “Accidental Creationist”. I guess it’s too late for the NCSE to rescind their Steve list now that we […] more

Friday night fun: “Dawkins Dodge”

A “Wild West” rendition of Dawkins’ flight from the Craig/Dawkins debate. Some of it is verbatim. more

Essay by ID author Mike Gene ranks highly for intellectual honesty at Google

If you google the phrase “intellectual honesty” you’ll see that an essay by ID author Mike Gene ranks very highly (#3 as of this writing). In contrast, if you google “intellectual dishonesty NCSE Gleik”, the NCSE’s Gleik is at the top of the list, having resigned after he was caught lying. Mike’s essay can be […] more

Microsoft “Windows Evolution” Announcement Roils Markets

“They have put their faith in the laws of evolution, which are the most secure laws in the universe. They cannot fail. ” more

Darwin’s evolution is as sure as the law of gravity!

And how sure is that? more

Lighter moment: Gary “Far Side” Larson’s cartoons on God and science

God’s kitchen God at His computer God appears on Trivia Tonight UD News favourite: God makes the snake more

“Matzke is a Liar”

Nick Matzke is the famous former employee of the National Center for Selling Evolution (NCSE). For many years, he has been on the frontlines on the war on ID. His finest hour was at the Dover Trial where he provided a lot of technical support to the ACLU lawyers. Matzke’s attacks on ID are fundamentally […] more

“We [Darwinists] Suck”, says Coyne after realizing 63% of nation’s biology teachers are “creationists”

Jerry Coyne is exasperated with the findings of a scholarly publication that surveyed the beliefs of biology teachers. Coyne interprets the results of this survey as follows: 47% believe in Intelligent Design 28% in [godless] evolution 16% in creationism 9% no opinion (See: We Suck and Selective Creationists) He labels the 47% who believe in […] more

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