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Panda’s Thumb Richard Hoppe forgot about Humpty Zombie

The fallacious results of the Avida computer simulation were used in the infamous Kitmiller vs. Dover trial to argue in favor of Darwinian evolution. Using the evidence from the Avida simulation and other testimony, Judge Jones ruled that it is illegal to contest Darwinism for all time. Prosecution witness Robert Pennock claimed in sworn testimony […] more

Do dead dogs stay dead dogs? TSZ’s Seversky says “no”, Neil not far behind

Comments by Skeptical Zone evolutionists are a never ending source of entertainment. I made what I thought was a simple, indisputable statement: I don’t see dead cells evolving into living ones. A dead dog stays a dead dog. Law of biogenesis, etc. But far be it for an evolutionist to ever be seen agreeing with […] more

Friday Fun

Quantum Physicist 1:  Did you hear about the quantum cowboy? Quantum Physicist 2:  No, do tell. QP1:  There was this cowboy who was in a quantum superposition of states between reaching into his back pocket for a little round can of snuff or not reaching into his back pocket for a little round can of […] more

Peer reviewed article “misquotes” creationist Duane Gish by one word

The saying “nothing in evolution makes sense in the light of biology” is widely attributed to famous creationist Duane Gish. In 2006, I used the phrase myself here. Casey Luskin points out a recent peer-reviewed article critical of Darwinism almost got the phrase right: The evolutionary biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky famously noted that “nothing in biology […] more

Former Canadian Defence minister said US is plotting an intergalactic war, Stephen Hawking not helping matters

[This is a light-hearted precursor to a more serious essay I'm writing about ID/Creationism and Extra-Terrestrials. Other than being a pre-cursor to that essay it has no ID content.] embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Denyse reported earlier on the former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer. Wiki has this to say about him: In November 2005, […] more

Christmas gift Dr. Mike has been waiting for for 50 years

Dr. Mike wrote at TSZ: Mike Elzinga: You think you know all about science from reading popularizations? You want scientists to explain things to you even as you refuse to learn basic high school science and vocabulary? For the first time in something like 50 years I would like to see an ID/creationist do a […] more

Comic strips the NCSE wouldn’t like you to see

Since the NCSE has resorted to portraying themselves like cartoon characters in comic books, I’d like to help their latest efforts by providing a 4-page comic strip of the evolutionary sequence of a giraffe. It will take you less than a minute to see this description: Giraffe more

Little Richie Dawkins

This video attempts to portray Dawkins during his childhood years, but it seems to accurately depict him as an adult! embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt [warning: Dawkins uses a swear word in this cartoon] more

UK Guardian offers a snarky “review” of Dawkins’ latest Book

I was christened Clinton Richard Dawkins. By a strange quirk, Charles Darwin also has the initials CRD. I often think how proud he would have been to share them with me…., I propose to start this memoir with my grandfather, Clinton Evelyn, the first Dawkins to go to Balliol College, Oxford. The eulogy I wrote […] more

What do you get when you merge the Science Patrol with the Justice League of America?

[precursor to Denyse's post Darwin in the School's Lobby has a new] From the Ultraman Series we have the Science Patrol: From DC Comics, we have the Justice League of America: So what do you get when you put together these two fictional ideas? The NCSE’s latest: NOTES: 1. And the NCSE might even have […] more

Happy Atheist PZ Myers rescues Creative Pooper from suicide

Dallas Haugh (aka the Creative Pooper) was one of Michael Shermer’s alleged victims according to this characterization: In fine witch-hunting style, Myers then broadly solicited more anonymous rumors to back up his anonymous rumor, resulting in more people coming forward claiming Shermer raped them, tried to rape them, or filled their wine glass for nefarious […] more

Breaking News: Michael Shermer issues cease and desist order against PZ Myers

[I'm not taking sides, but merely pointing out the infighting going on.] PZ has till 2pm Pacific Standard Time today to comply with the letter sent from Shermer’s lawyers. A countdown clock has been established: P.Z. Myers Happy Rape Accusation Humiliation Countdown Clock In fine witch-hunting style, Myers then broadly solicited more anonymous rumors to […] more

Imagine materialism rules

Imagine there’s no logic/I do it all the time/No truth above us/Below us only slime. more

WD40: ” some fish are more closely related to you than they are to tuna”

wd40 said here: ” some fish are more closely related to you than they are to tuna”. Here is a fish that is considered closest to humans” Lungfish are considered closest relative of tetrapods (humans are tetrapods). Thus it would be something like the lungfish that wd40 argues is more closely related to me […] more

Atheism Defined (Just for Fun)

I don’t know the actual origination of this quote.  Its been on T-shirts and such.  If anyone knows the actual source, please let us know.  Meanwhile, enjoy! (Atheists: its okay to laugh at yourselves, too!) ATHEISM: The belief that there was nothing & nothing happened to nothing & then nothing magically exploded for no reason, […] more

Dissing a pro-ID author without reading his book — will Sal do a Nick Matzke imitation?

Here is one pro-ID author I’m not endorsing without even reading his book: Lou Barreto who wrote the pro-ID book Who is this Alien?. Recently, Nick Matzke has been getting criticism for dissing pro-ID books he’s not even read. See: Nick Matzke Book Burner. To his credit, Nick’s at least read some of the material […] more

Student of pseudo science Glenn Branch fights students of real science

Now that Eugenie Scott is retiring Director of the NCSE, I nominate Elizabeth Liddle as Eugenie’s replacement. But in the meantime the NCSE might have to count on their Deputy Director Glenn Branch to fill in until they find Eugenie’s replacement. In paging through the NCSE website, I found something that made me chuckle. Glenn […] more

The Law of Large Numbers vs. KeithS, Eigenstate and my other TSZ critics

I went through a great deal of trouble to contest the idiosyncratic claim of a critic at TheSkepticalZone who said: if you have 500 flips of a fair coin that all come up heads, given your qualification (“fair coin”), that is outcome is perfectly consistent with fair coins, Comment in The Skeptical Zone This critic […] more

Space Shuttle Denying Darwinists (SSDD)

SSDD is an acronym for “Same Stuff Different Day”. In debate with Darwinists, it’s always the same stuff, different day. SSDD can be also an acronym for Space Shuttle Denying Darwinists — that is to say Darwinists that are so against ID that they will even deny that Space Shuttles are intelligently designed. Such people […] more

Saturday Fun – 7 Weird Jobs in Science

The Fox News website recently ran this story on the 7 Weirdest Jobs in Science.  To this list I would add an eighth – Evolutionary Biologist (EB).  To be an EB these days, not only does one have to explain away large bits of contrary data, but also believe that the mass amounts of complex […] more

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