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Blame God for cancer …

… not Neanderthal man. (God will hear you. That Neander guy won’t.)

A conversion to reality

Some people seem deadly serious in believing that ape biology, not a tendency to do things we know are wrong, is our problem. more

Darwinism misleads again, this time about aging and fertility in chimps and humans

Current evolution theory provides no basis whatever for any form of interpretation of the relationship between longevity and fertility. But no one is allowed to put it that way. more

Y chromosome not about to disappear, as claimed, study says

Some readers complained that the Y chromosome appears to have been slighted of late. Time to redress that. more

Adam and Eve could have been contemporaries after all? At 200 kya?

Believe what you want. It’s not clear anyone knows. more

New York Times columnist offers some apt comments on Jerry Coyne

Douthat probably doesn’t realize that Darwinism, Coyne’s chief devotion, means precisely that the human will CAN be simultaneously triumphant and imaginary. It means never having to be coherent. more

Gibraltar museum curator: Human evolution best seen as a braid, not a tree?

Eliminating the ascent of man and separate species of humans annihilating each other accords well with evidence, but it is a story other than Darwin’s. Once top people realize that, its telling may be riskier. more

John Hawks on human evolution: Free chapter from book on evolution from Princeton U

Hawks has been good at dismissing nonsense in the past, so it might be worth a read. Let us know. more

New Scientist offers to explain how swearing made us human

This is one reason paywalls probably won’t work. more

ID Foundations, 22: What about evolutionary trees of descent and homologies? (An answer to Jaceli123′s presentation of a typical icon of evolution . . . )

As has been noted, sometimes people come to UD looking for answers to questions about what they have been taught regarding “Evolution”; typically in the context of indoctrination under the Lewontinian ideological a priori materialism that he outlined thusly in his infamous 1997 NYRB article: [T]he problem is to get [the general public] to reject […] more

Predictions, predictions: What will the genome sequence of a million-year-old hominin show?

The 400 thousand-year-old DNA Marshall mentions, reported in 2013, was yet another upset of the circus wagon of theories around human evolution. How many conflicting dogmatisms would a 1 million-year-old sequence just throw off the cart? more

The Science Fiction series at your fingertips – human evolution

Is there a good reason to believe in a natural origin of human life? more

Dexterity of human hand backdated a half million years

When exactly does that long, slow process of evolution get to happen? more

If Neanderthals are not the subhumans in the “ascent of man,” who gets the job?

And what happens if the vacancy just goes unfilled? If nobody turns out to be the subhuman? more

Researchers conclude, Neanderthals buried their dead

The discovery is said to reduce the behavioral distance between them and us. more

Toddler intelligence vs. chimp intelligence: Toddlers way ahead

You mean, you found that even though chimp excrement-throwing, baby apes’ arm-waving or monkey lip-smacking provide insight into human development? Still no signal from the mother ship? What gives? more

No cave for the caveman?

Paleoanthropologist notes, Almost all caves are described by archaeologists as seasonal, namely as autumn or winter occupations. It’s clear that people were in caves for maybe a couple of months a year at the most. more

Paleoanthrolopologist: Century-old theory of human evolution shown wrong by new 400k DNA

Human groups apparently did not diverse in straight lines over time, as was supposed. And so far, the mystery ancestor hasn’t turned up. more

Researcher: To understand human bipedalism, stop assuming “a chimpanzee starting point”

He says, Living apes have long and independent evolutionary histories of their own, and their modern anatomies should not be assumed to represent the ancestral condition for our human lineage, more

New York Times: New human fossil DNA find means new mysteries instead of “neatly clarifying human evolution”

Researchers are currently “rethinking” the last few hundred thousands years of human evolution. As they say in the movie business, the story has been sent back to Rewrite and needs a script doctor, if not a script ambulance. more

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