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Science: No consensus among experts on when the human race arose

Real and imagined “human evolution” is now so integral to our culture that demand outpaces authenticity. “Missing links” turn up as dead ends. more

The ridiculous level of uncertainty in the field of human evolution

Maybe we can swallow hard and believe falsehoods out of a misguided sense of loyalty to science. But how can we believe contradictory nonsense? more

1998: “The Fossil people … fight like cats and dogs”

He doesn’t draw attention to the main reason for that: The ridiculous uncertainty of the field. And things haven’t changed much. more

Missing link fossil a “hotchpotch,” “may never have existed”

So pulled from rewrite team for human evolution. more

Neanderthals were good parents, say researchers

It was inevitable. No sooner did we hear that current humans and Neanderthals definitely interbred, we heard they were good parents too. more

Current humans and Neanderthals definitely interbred, researchers say

The new approach rules out an alternative involving a common ancestor. more

Neanderthal man discovers denim

Recent evidence that early human groups intermingled means that Neanderthal man can’t really play that role with anything like the gusto he formerly displayed. more

Stone masks from 9000 years ago put on display recently

Museum director: The masks possessed a “striking connection” to 20th century artwork, … like something Picasso might have created. more

Appendix, no “vestigial organ,” is a safe house for useful bacteria, researcher says

They knew the human appendix did a job sixty years ago, actually. But pretending otherwise was a handy point to make in favour of Darwinism. Like, who in the audience would know, who dared speak up? more

Neanderthals could speak, but why is it really a problem?

Because people who celebrate Darwin Day and misrepresent Abraham Lincoln to make him sound like a convinced Darwinian need a “subhuman” to bolster their beliefs. more

Adam and Eve and Ann Gauger

Molecular geneticist Gauger took issue with the claim that Adam and Eve could not have existed, noting the genetics assumptions built into the claim. more

Flash news!: 100 percent of our genome is identical to chimp genome ;)

Is the point of Mooney’s claims to constantly diminish the claimed figure but never quite get there? All he is really diminishing is the apparent value of the genome as a source of information about life forms. If he never quite gets to 100%, he still has a story. more

Smell the fear: Vid on inaccurate science illustrations rushes through the “ascent of man”

Just think, these folk are the heirs of the Enlightenment. more

From David DeWitt at Liberty U: Contemplating Bill Nye’s 51 skulls slide

I can only conclude that the sole purpose of showing such a slide was to confuse and obfuscate, not educate. more

Science writer Stephen Cave says new research shows no difference between humans and other animals

Actually, those people thought that before they did any research at all. In the teeth of the most obvious evidence. more

Human footprints found from 800,000 years ago in Britain

Apparently, the tide later washed them away. more

Human evolution: Neanderthal genes led to infertility?

Maybe. Can we spell S-T-R-E-T-C-H? more

Human and monkey brains more similar than thought …

… which only makes the gap harder to account for. more

All together now, one, two, three—what separates us from other animals?

It’s the gap, it’s the gap, it’s the gap gap gap … it’s the gap, it’s the gap, it’s the gap gap gap … (sung to the finale of the William Tell Overture) more

Fireplace found from 300 kya

Actually, that’s a very long time ago. Which reminds me: Michael Cremo (the Forbidden Archaeology guy) is still wrong. Right? more

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