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Carbon dioxide and the Goldilocks Principle

The “Goldilocks Principle,” like the Big Bang, has never been very popular, because it smacks of fine-tuning and Earth is special, and all that. more

Nye-Ham and how evolutionism possibly poisons science in lab, field and theory

Even if Ken Ham may have fumbled on presentation, the facts may show him possibly closer to the truth on some matters. Rather than focus on the immense claims that are part of most YEC models (young universe, young stars, young planets, intelligent design of life, Noah’s flood, the tower of babel, created kinds, etc.), […] more

DNA half-life only 521 years, so is dino DNA and insect amber DNA young?

If paleontology lives by radiometric dating, it also dies by radiometric dating. Either DNA trapped in 200 million-year-old Jurassic insect amber is young or it has some unexplained source. I argue it is young. Radiometric C-14 dates of fossils say the fossils are young. As I’ve said many times, the radiometric date of 65 million-year-old […] more

Saluting Dr. Paul Giem

UD is honored to have Dr. Paul Giem as an occasional visitor. Here is Dr. Giem’s bio: Paul Giem, medical research Dr. Giem is assistant professor of emergency medicine at Loma Linda University. He holds a B.A. in chemistry from Union College, Nebraska, an M.A. in religion from Loma Linda University and an M.D. from […] more

Cocktail! Galaxies evolve in 700 million years, Horseshoe Crabs stay the same after 450 million years

A galaxy is speculated to form in only 700 million years. By way of contrast, in a comparable stretch of time (450 million years) the Living Fossil horse shoe crab has remained unchanged. In fact the Earth supposedly took only 20 million years to form out of a nebula, and that horse shoe crab remained […] more

Vodka! Can nuclear structure be affected by electrical, chemical, mechanical and biological means?

The answer appears to be yes (at least for electrical and mechanical means, don’t know for sure about chemical and biological means). A physics professor assigned our class term papers of our choosing. Our goal was to learn something new. I chose to explore the effects of electricity and chemistry on nuclear processes. I thought […] more

Question for evolutionists: “If fossils are actually young, would you find ID more believable?”

The question of the fossil ages is comparable to a central problem in forensic crime investigation, namely establishing the time of death. Did the creatures in the fossil record die tens of millions of years ago or did they die recently (say less than 50,000 years ago). It is mildly unfortunate that criticism of accepted […] more

Cocktails! ICC 2013, C14 dates conflict with Carboniferous era dates (300 million years ago)

C14 should not be found in the Carboniferous era supposedly 300 million years old. If the presence of C14 is not due to contamination or other processes, the carboniferous layer is then much younger — on the order of 40,000 years or less. [the "Cocktail" designation in the title refers to ideas that are possibly […] more

Elephant found on Mars

He jumped the fence, like he was told, and then something happened, and … more

Death Valley’s Ubehebe crater only 800 years old, not 6000?

And it could happen again … more