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Something to Scratch Your Head About

At PhysOrg they have a blurb about a paper showing that an organism that is 99.99% (!!) identical has, nevertheless, found a way of dealing with the presence of Uranium in completely different ways. Absolutely fascinating! Obviously we’re dealing with two very different environments—one is in a volcanic spring, and the other is atop a […] more

Vid: Free tutorials on the 1000 Genomes Project

Plus slides. Get up to speed. Pay nothing. Thank the Internet. more

Ann Gauger on watching Ayala’s no Adam or Eve analysis crumble …

… in light of later research more

Are pseudogenes evidence of code libraries? (a speculative suggestion)

Intelligent Design is relatively new in its present form. Proponents often argue that there are features of biology that look like engineering, and in particular, that the programming of life, the DNA software that goes along with the cellular hardware, is analogous to the programming of computers. However, we haven’t yet been able to fully […] more

Surely the flap between Zimmer and Luskin is really about common ancestry? Not just disputed chromosome 2 …

Luskin and Zimmer should discuss common ancestry directly. What would either side consider good evidence? more

Swingin’ from the chandeliers retro: Rick Sternberg on human-chimp genome similarity

In fairness, barroom bores are preferable to lecture room bores because the most they can ruin is a quiet moment. more

Sequencing the genome of a person of 103 years of age

“The centenary presents a distorted epigenome that has lost many switches (methyl chemical group), put in charge of inappropriate gene expression and, instead, turn off the switch of some protective genes.” more

He said it: Rising star geneticist Laurence Hurst on the biggest question of all in genomics

Perfection or junk? And how much of what? more

Bill Dembski: Is information a primitive concept, on a par with matter and energy?

“I’ve got a massive, one-volume encyclopedia of physics on my shelf with publication date 1992. Neither among the main entries nor in the extensive index does the word ‘information’ appear. ” more

Hybrid virus has genome combined by as-yet-unknown mechanism

“No mechanism has been proposed to account for the inferred instances of interviral RNA-DNA recombination… ” more

“Identical sequences of DNA located at completely different places on multiple plant genomes”

“Although the scientists found identical sequences between plant species, just as they did between animals, they suggested the sequences evolved differently.” more

Adaptation is “a complex process that involves many genes spread across diverse places in the genome”

But what is Darwin doing in this genome? more

Gene expression: “Each signaling pathway has its own signaling molecule”

“This is a broad, simplifying concept that is key to understanding how the whole human system works and how the genome responds to the world around it.” more

“Get yer genome sequenced for better health!”? Meet Dr. Reality

The one who makes it gets written up for the checkout counter, the hundred who don’t, get written up in online obits … more

New journal tackles “Grand challenges in bioinformatics and computational biology”

Which could upend truisms en masse. more

Retroviruses and Common Descent: And Why I Don’t Buy It

Those of you who have been following this blog, as well as Evolution News & Views, for some time, will be aware that I have previously discussed, across multiple articles, the phenomenon of endogenous retroviral inserts into the genomes of primates. Those familiar with the debate over origins will also be familiar with the various […] more

New finds make some wonder what the human genome actually is … it sure isn’t what we used to think …

By the way, anyone notice what happened to the God of the gaps? Readers will remember all those gaps that were supposed to be filled in by explanations that do not include design? more

Geoff Barnard Delivers Unwelcome News For Darwinism

Dr Geoff Barnard summarizes the evidence for his claim that the biggest challenge to Darwinism is not the survival of the fittest but rather the maintenance of fertility. more

Interactome? Well, remember genome, proteome, old folks home …

Interactome? Well, remember genome, proteome, old folks home … Old folks home? (For not-quite-dead-enough yet ideas like Darwinism) more

Guy who DOESN’T support ID: Genomics has “overturned” Darwin’s iconic Tree of Life

Guy who DOESN’T support ID: Genomics has “overturned” Darwin’s iconic Tree of Life more

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