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Turns out, Earth is in the “lamest” part of the universe

The latest in Onion-ology: PARIS—Citing factors ranging from the dumb, ugly asteroid belt separating the terrestrial planets from the gas giants, to the super-boring and practically empty interstellar medium extending in nearly every direction, new research published Wednesday by the International Astronomical Union has concluded that Earth is located in “by far the lamest” region […] more

Why Earth isn’t fine tuned for life

Because that wouldn’t be respectable, according to David Waltham at The Scientist. more

Trailer for new documentary, Michael Denton’s Privileged Species

How the Earth is designed for human life

God’s Not Dead film: How be, God is alive but logic isn’t? Not at university, anyway

Bencze: [Hawking's] words are so appallingly stupid that I thought they might have been invented by script writers. Well, they weren’t. Hawking actually wrote them … more

Carbon dioxide and the Goldilocks Principle

The “Goldilocks Principle,” like the Big Bang, has never been very popular, because it smacks of fine-tuning and Earth is special, and all that. more

Nuclear Physicist asks, “Why is PZ Myers so dumb?” and slams Victor Stenger to boot

David Heddle, a professor of physics asks the question: Why is P.Z. so dumb? Because he can’t grasp that fine-tuning is a metaphor. He is a afraid that it gives to much ammunition to the theists. This had to be one of the most entertaining take downs of Victor Stenger and PZ Myers by a […] more

Is origin of the universe an “arcane matter”?

Atheist philosopher asks, it’s one thing to argue that the universe must be the product of some kind of intelligent agent; it’s quite something else to argue that this designer was all-knowing and omnipotent. Why is that a better hypothesis than that the designer was pretty smart but made a few mistakes? more

What if the moon disappeared?

In reality, the moon is one of those things that is special about Earth. It is in all likelihood biologically dead but because of it, we are not. more

Molecular biologist Michael Denton is back!

Yes, him, the post-Darwinian. Remember Evolution: A Theory in Crisis? Nature’s Destiny? more

Earth more precisely balanced in relation to sun than previously realized, new study claims

Thus, life-hosting exoplanets may be rarer than hoped. more

Harvard astronomer: But maybe planets and life got started shortly after the Big Bang?

Why? Because that would make humans’ existence less special. more

ID Foundations, 20: Caught between the Moon and New York City . . . the Privileged Planet thesis

Yesterday, News put up a post on the mysterious origins of the moon, invoking a classic song on being caught between the Moon and New York City. (Niwrad added a post here on the multiverse that is also worth seeing. Kindly bear in mind this earlier ID Foundations post on fine tuning.) Mahuna aptly comments: […] more

Materialists: How can we get the universe to play out of tune?

Fine-tuning annoys us; we must show it isn’t true. So we have tried three strategies: Denial, nonsense, and the Copernican Principle – by far the best. So shove off, Kopernik. We are using your name, because it sells, NOT your ideas. more

Heart of the conspiracy of teachers …

… to destroy students’ lives by teaching them to ask critical questions more

Ours is a working moon Not just an ornament.

Ethan: It’s probably safe to say that vision would have evolved somewhat differently without the Moon, and that our nights would provide us with a wildly different world more

Darwinists defend their faith on German campus by trying to shut out Oxford scholar

Just as you can’t build a church or ashram in Afghanistan, you can’t invite a non-Darwinian lecturer into Darwin’s temple. more

“Controversial Astronomer” Guillermo Gonzalez Hired at Ball State U (Indiana)

There is nothing particularly controversial about exoplanet finder Gonzalez. The “controversy” was career atheists getting his tenure denied because he thinks the universe shows evidence of design. Most people do. more

VIDEO: Guillermo Gonzalez lectures at UC Davis on the Privileged Planet thesis

WK has pointed out a vid sequence at YouTube, in which Dr Gonzalez lays out a good summary of the privileged planet thesis. Here is the start: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt WK (what, you haven’t bookmarked and speed-dialled this blog yet? tut, tut!  . . . ) summarises on points of significance for reflection: […] more

The ghost of William Paley says his piece in reply to Darwin and successors, on the commonly dismissed “watch found in the field” argument

Over at the KF blog, we have recently been entertaining some ghosts from our civilisation’s past, who are concerned about its present and now sadly likely future in light of the sad history recorded in Acts 27, of a sea voyage to Rome gone disastrously wrong because the voyagers were manipulated into venturing back out […] more

ID Foundations, 17a: Footnotes on Conservation of Information, search across a space of possibilities, Active Information, Universal Plausibility/ Probability Bounds, guided search, drifting/ growing target zones/ islands of function, Kolmogorov complexity, etc.

(previous, here) There has been a recent flurry of web commentary on design theory concepts linked to the concept of functionally specific, complex organisation and/or associated information (FSCO/I) introduced across the 1970′s into the 1980′s  by Orgel and Wicken et al. (As is documented here.) This flurry seems to be connected to the announcement of […] more

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