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Religion: Biological Accident, Adaptation — or Both

By Brandon Keim WiredMarch 09, 2009 Whether or not God exists, thinking about Him or Her doesn’t require divinely dedicated neurological wiring. Instead, religious thoughts run on brain systems used to figure out what other people are thinking and feeling. Read more… more


A recent bill introduced into the Iowa State Legislature has prompted the defenders of Darwinian Dogma to issue the following statement: STATEMENT BY IOWA FACULTY ON HF 183: THE EVOLUTION ACADEMIC FREEDOM ACT We, the undersigned members of institutions of higher learning in Iowa, urge our legislators to reject passage of “The Evolution Academic Freedom […] more

Oopsie daisy… NSIDC misplaces 500,000 sq. kilometers of arctic ice

The National Snow and Ice Data Center had to pull down its January and February arctic ice extent data because a deteriorating sensor on a satellite was slowly changing ice to water. By mid-February when someone noticed the readings were off by a half-million square kilometers. That’s a lot of ice when you consider that […] more

Miller Redefining Design

Originally written by uoflcard. I’d rather not distract from the main point of the other thread: HGT. So I created a separate thread for this topic, duplicating this info. There is ‘Design’ in Nature, Biologist Argues It is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read. A biologist says that the ID movement garners […] more

Poe’s law: Students cannot form logical position about television’s impact?

From what I can determine, this is a true story: A Mindful Hack reader writes, The state of Maine gave a test to about 15,000 eighth-graders to assess their writing skills, including their ability to form a logical position. When the state refused to release the results, a newspaper filed a Freedom of Information Act […] more

David Deamer’s “Poof” Theory of Information

David Deamer, a distinguished professor of zoology at UCSC, in an interview with Susan Mazur gives us his theory of information as it relates to genetics. Deamer: I think genetic information more or less came out of nowhere by chance assemblages of short polymers. Am I being unfair in interpreting the phrase “more or less […] more

Humor: Google Trends

Ever wonder what Science Bloggers do when they’re not science blogging? Wonder no longer. Top Five Things Science Blog Readers Search For: 1. scotch tape mosquito bites 2. kate beckinsale 3. sponge bob 4. bruce lee 5. britney spears Interesting (if you’re a 12 year old). Top Five Blogs Science Blog Readers Also Visit […] more

Hoax, Arthur Spiderwick, or True Chimera

In case you missed it in the news or in SciAm: Mystery of the Montauk Monster is making the headlines.             Arthur Spiderwick’s Spitting Gargoyle               Man Bear Pig Chimera (art)           You decide.  more

Expelled, despite predictions, has not expired

Well, Expelled, now back up and running legally, I guess, is still #5 in documentaries, and has grossed as of May. 29, 2008, $7,614,754. In theory, it can now be shown in Canada. There is much local punditry of the worthless “don’t see it!” variety – which is interesting in view of the show trial […] more

Higher Ed is higher on WHAT, exactly?

Prof sues disbelieving students. Apparently, they disputed her theories about science … No, in the famous words of Rush Limbaugh, I am not making this up. If I had that kind of imagination, I would be right up there with J.K. Rowlings (rowling in dough, right?) Also just up at the Overwhelming Evidence blog The […] more

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