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Remember the arsenic eating bacteria? Paper in Science refutes claim

“It’s a fairly short paper but there are many observations in it which quite directly contradict the earlier results.” more

Harsh reality files: In other space travel news today …

… “never” is the new “regular.” more

Astrobiologist says “undergoes Darwinian evolution” doesn’t really make sense as definition for life

“We pretend that makes sense, but if you look it makes no sense at all.” more

NASA inundated by ideas for exploring Mars.

There better be a good idea in there somewhere, because NASA is supposed to get astronauts near Mars by 2030 more

Carbon from Mars not biological, study says

“A new paper led by Carnegie’s Andrew Steele provides strong evidence that this carbon did originate on Mars, although it is not biological.” more

If you were a space alien, how would you answer alien hunter Seth Shostak’s two questions?

“Do you have music and do you have religion?” more

Origin of life researcher: Alien life forms will more likely be constructed in laboratory than found in space?

If this catches on, it will be a new mood in search-for-life studies, and a more realistic one, compared to the constant faux news … more

Dave Coppedge is back to keeping score on planet theories

“Mars: The dry-Marsers scored more points over the wet-Marsers this month. ” more

Fibonacci series demonstrates intelligence, but only if …

… we can attribute it to a space alien? more

Mars: Well, we’ve heard the case for life around volcanic glass, now let’s hear it for craters …

If we don’t know how life got started in the first place, we have no obvious reason to believe that Mars’ craters are hiding life. more

Mars: Through a glass darkly…

Apparently, the volcanic glass patches were “once thought to be canals or vegetation.” more

Extraterrestrial life was manufactured here?

Seriously, Hugh Ross at Reasons to Believe has been saying this for years: There’s life out on them thar rocks, but it was manufactured here. more

The dream lives: Complexity of samples shows Viking found life on Mars in 1976?

“They say the high degree of order is more characteristic of biological, rather than purely physical, processes.” more

An anthropologist looks at SETI the way SETI fans speculate about space aliens …

Only, in this case, there are live subjects. more

Has the quest for life on Mars sunk to a “new low”: The pits?

” … the interior of such lava tubes could provide a safe haven for microbial life — especially if groundwater had found its way inside at some point.” more

Tens of billions of planets in the galaxy might have water?

It may be a bit too soon to start selling real estate. They found nine super-Earths in a survey of 102 stars. But so far, super-Earths have been disappointing. more

In the days when Mars had life, the 1970s …

Lichens, maybe? more

European space agency’s ExoMars project probably doomed too

Atheism’s influence on cosmology has been grave. more

Sudden inspiration: Life on Mars more testable than life on Earth!

The subtle message here is obviously that the science community gets better mileage out of Mars exploration than out of origin of life research. In principle, that’s likely true … more

U.S. Mars exploration put off till 2030s

“Two ambitious missions that NASA had hoped to launch to Mars, in 2016 and 2018, will be canceled.” more

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