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Did Curiosity rover find a dried-up river bed on Mars?

“water is definitely the top contender – although one team member likes to joke that, for all we know, the liquid could have been beer.” more

Coffee!! Will the space aliens retweet us if we promise to all keep the faith?

“Four to six weeks after Friday’s event, the planet will move into alignment (just barely) with the transmitter. ” more

Curiosity about the things that didn’t happen

“They would use most of the new funds to land men on Mars by the early 1980s — a project that could eventually cost between $60 and $100 billion. ” more

Legacy magazine advises us all to prepare for the Mars rover apocalypse

If we found the Ten Commandments chiselled in stone on Mars, yes, that would change a lot of people’s perspectives. The rest, not. more

Life on exoplanets’ moons?

One wonders whether, in the end, if we found such a venue, we would end up seeding it with life – that being the only way to get life started, … more

Researchers: Some extreme microbes can live on hydrogen waste

Extremophiles – organisms that can live under extreme conditions – are back in the news, as the Curiosity rover looks for evidence of life on Mars. more

Mars mission: Science blogger typically gets it wrong about NASA’s “Darwinian evolution” definition of life.

NASA’s definition of life is highly contested. more

Premier Canadian blogger asks us to defend Mars exploration

“Mars: Were there dinosaurs up there? No? Then who gives a crap?” more

Curiosity lands tonight on Mars – we must hope

” on a quest for signs the Red Planet once hosted ingredients for life, ” more

Space aliens a special threat to Christians?

Traditional Christians tend not to know about this threat, partly because they are less likely than others to believe claims about space alien sightings and abductions more

Why some think Mars Rover Curiosity might find life underground on Mars

“Radiation may be a problem for organics on Mars, but other destructive forces common on Earth don’t play a role on the Red Planet.” more

Memo to SETI: Design would make other habitable planets much more likely

If an intelligent designer created our planet, despite the enormous probabilistic barriers to doing so, then this makes the possibility of other habitable planets a live possibility. more

Exploring why NASA needed to believe in the arsenic-eating bacteria

Do we think that life must use certain known chemical paths, or do we believe that life can somehow come into existence using a wide variety of such paths? more

Two separate papers say NASA’s claim re bacteria eating arsenic is false

NASA was using its prestige to attempt to shut down discussion (snipes about dissenting scientists being mere bloggers are a clue. more

Could Saturn’s moon Titan have an underground ocean?

“Titan is one of the few worlds in the solar system with a significant atmosphere, and the presence of an underground ocean could help explain how Titan replenishes methane in its hazy atmosphere.” more

Popcorn: 36% of Americans believe UFOs exist

“In fact, 11 percent (more than one in 10) are sure they have seen a UFO with their own eyes, while 20 percent (one in five) know someone who claims to have seen a flying saucer.” more

Why, exactly, has Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) got good press for fifty years?

SETI is an essentially religious enterprise that doesn’t recognize itself as such. If it did, it would have to ask harder questions. more

Pop science media still suffers from space (alien) deprivation

“Tropical lakes on Saturn moon could expand options for life” Whoa! – THIS tropic is -290F. more

Can we find “life” on other planets if we refuse to specify what it is?

“Suzan Mazur: Funding of origin of life research pegged to the Darwinian model is increasingly a contentious issue because Darwinian science is being marginalized by a growing number of responsible scientists. ” more

Wired’s Prometheus reviewer way behind the curve on “space aliens created life” theory

when you hear people claiming that “no one uses the term Darwinist,” … , this reviewer – unfamiliar with the origin of life controversy – uses the term more

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