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Planetary scientist tells US House committee that extraterrestrial life is probable

It’s just momentarily not available. more

The one advantage the space alien has over Bigfoot

It is only an advantage in a negative sense: No one can disprove the aliens’ existence to a reasonable person’s satisfaction. That hardly explains the strong attachment to the idea, evident in the popular science media. more

Possible game-changer in search for extra-terrestrial life: India sends craft to Mars

As noted earlier, sheer expense may be causing NASA to postpone Mars visits. But the technology now exists; what if new players enter the game? No sooner asked than India is sending a probe to Mars, Mangalvaar. more

Is the window of opportunity closing for contemporary human exploration of Mars?

2017 or 2021 (that route includes Venus) more

What happens if scientists begin to doubt that ET is Out There?

Why does faith, elsewhere derided, seem to play so great a role in the speculations around life on other planets? Why is doubt, for once, the identified problem, not faith? more

Physicist Paul Davies starts to say something sensible about how to go about looking for extraterrestrial life

But then he conjures the space aliens by plumping Darwin’s dead hand firmly on the scale. more

Is faith in the space aliens a duty? Are doubts anti-science?

And is a firm belief in space aliens PRO-science? more

ID and ETs: Commenter is too clever by half

Most science writers see their job as purveying a certain set of attitudes, assumptions, values, prejudices, and beliefs to the public, all of which I think are overdue for a challenge. more

Extraterrestrials: Looking back a decade on “Are we alone?”

First, if fifty different counter-arguments are needed, the most likely situation is that we are indeed alone … more

Researchers: Purple planets a better bet for alien life forms

Researchers: Purple bacteria dominated Earth three billion years ago, might be visible from space. more

Sky high microbes probably not from space (you were surprised?)

Kee: The authors conclude that they come from some other planet. But the explanations and (more to the point) the scientific evidence provided in the authors’ paper are rather weak. more

Why doesn’t the Copernican Principle (Principle of Mediocrity) apply to Mars? Why just Earth?

It is entirely okay to think that Mars is unusual. That is, the solid string of disappointments over life on Mars is not expected to lead to the conclusion that it might be typical, and therefore life might be rare in the galaxy. more

Bibles that were read in space are up for auction

Back when we really were going to the moon, many astronauts were unashamedly religious. But now that cosmological theory has replaced hands-on exploration, the Bible is controversial and we ain’t goin’ nowhere. Pattern? more

NASA discovers new microbe …

… in its own clean room. The one used for building spacecraft. more

University course: Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Where Are They

Yup. At University of Georgia more

Coffee!! You want to buy land floating somewhere in outer space, of course …

Researchers: This study marks the first time it [water] has been pinpointed in a rocky body, making it of significant interest in our understanding of the formation and evolution of habitable planets and life. more

Alien life found floating 27 km above Chester, England?

Well, maybe. Trouble is, earthly life forms have often surprised, amazed, astonished researchers with hitherto unrealized capabilities. more

What’s really at stake in finding life on Mars?

Tom Bethell: An article of our secular faith holds that there is nothing exceptional about human life. This is dogma, lacking any justification, but it has already been codified as the Mediocrity Principle. more

Good morning. 80,000 have allegedly applied for a one-way mission to Mars

… people who can’t figure out what Goodbye means, in Dutch or English. more

Did Curiosity rover find a dried-up river bed on Mars?

“water is definitely the top contender – although one team member likes to joke that, for all we know, the liquid could have been beer.” more

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