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Moon not needed? Life more likely on “tilt-a-worlds”?

A moon, the researchers claim, could actually be a disadvantage for origin of life. more

Enceladus: ET life researchers, talk to OOL researchers!

To export all the OOL problems to Enceladus on the basis of the mere possibility of liquid water testifies to the strength of desire, not the power of reason. more

If an entity is complex and specified like life, but just too different, what would we call it?

How about a rock that does not have an aging process and has negligible metabolism, but does have a brain composed of non-living elements? … To avoid needless novelization, let’s assume that it is of low, not high intelligence, something like that of a turtle. more

Does lunar ice hide the building blocks of life?

No one claims that these organics are on their way to becoming life; the hope is that organics will turn out to be more plentiful in apparently inhospitable venues than formerly thought. more

Boldly going where no man has gone before — will we find ET’s or are we alone?

[ HT: KRock] The aim of this essay is to set the record straight on behalf of Norm Geisler in the landmark creation-evolution case Mclean vs. Arkansas as well exploring a few connections of ID/creation/evolution with Extra Terrestrials (ETs) and certain religious ideas. Ironically, the Uncommon Descent weblog owes much of its existence to an […] more

Former Canadian Defence minister said US is plotting an intergalactic war, Stephen Hawking not helping matters

[This is a light-hearted precursor to a more serious essay I'm writing about ID/Creationism and Extra-Terrestrials. Other than being a pre-cursor to that essay it has no ID content.] embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Denyse reported earlier on the former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer. Wiki has this to say about him: In November 2005, […] more

Life originated only fifteen million years after the Big Bang?

Well, the universe was warmer then … astrophysicist offers. more

There may be life on the moons of exoplanets

Problem – The big recent news has been the discovery of highly complex life forms (comb jellies) from 600 million years ago near the beginning of the life we actually know. Fire and ice are not the source of this complexity more

Mars rock ends up in court

NASA continues to insist that it isn’t hiding stuff that would make it the world’s most important science agency just now, and swiftly reverse funding cutbacks. more

Fri Nite Frite: One way to avoid moralizing space aliens, courtesy Freeman Dyson

If they are not trying to communicate, we can be fairly sure they are not trying to take over, let alone sell something, promote a religion, or … waste us for our environment sins. more

What would you advise this researcher to do? To read? To ask?

Remember Rosie Redfield, who questioned NASA’s (since widely dismissed) claims for arsenic-eating bacteria? more

Fri Nite Frite: The biggest frite of all: Moralizing space aliens

Thought you could grow up and get away from dreary lectures about your wrong values, did you? Wrong-O. more

We can dispense with the “habitable zone” if we assume extraterrestrial life is underground?

Now, if only liquid water was all that was needed for life. How did the subterranean life on Earth come to be there anyway? more

Former Canadian defense minister says: Stop wars and space aliens will share technology

Notice how conventional moralizing (“war is bad”) hits the world headlines if space aliens can be linked to it, with no evidence whatsoever and no expectation of any. more

The hidden benefits of the pursuit of ET. And the hidden costs.

Most of what is going wrong in cosmology and astrobiology right now is the multiple protection rackets around ideas that proponents cannot live without even IF they are false. They are too afraid of what they fear to be true. more

Will this be the year we make contact with reality about space aliens?

If we concluded that ET wasn’t really out there (the way we might give up any fruitless search), it could only be because of a massive cultural change. And all without a scrap of evidence one way or the other. more

Elves get Icelandic highway project shelved

Wipe that snicker off your face. You have no better reason, really, for believing that They’re Out There. Physicist Paul Davies— himself head of a group charged with figuring out what to do if aliens are spotted (the SETI Post-Detection Taskgroup)—has explained, “It’s now fashionable to say that the universe is teeming with life, but there is not a shred of evidence.” more

Human moon, Mars colony: Why boldly go when you can boldly speculate?

Or will we all choose to just speculate about what might be Out There? more

Being alone in the universe does not necessarily imply theism. Or even deism.

Being alone does, however, imply philosophy. That is, it means taking reality seriously. The monolith is not going to land and change everything. From that prospect, many today shrink. more

ET helps pay NASA’s bills?

Surest proof to date of ET’s existence, that. more

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