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Permian extinction caused by methane-producing microbes?

In this model, a key role was played by horizontal gene transfer. more

Smoking did not kill the dinosaurs, but dark matter might have contributed

Our solar system orbits the galaxy every 70 million years, which would mean it passes through the hypothesized dark matter disc every 35 years. And comets spike at about that frequency. more

De-extinction: Crackpot idea or only a hint of astonishing new biotechnology?

Curiously, Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton called consensus science an extremely pernicious development. And aspiring mammoth cloner George Church praised Steve Meyer’s Darwin’s Doubt. more

Climate change will wipe out a quarter of species … no, spur the evolution of new species

Just think; we will finally have evidence for the evolution of new species. A silver lining in the clouds of climate change. more

Many bee groups went extinct along with T. Rex, but who knew? Or cared?

It’s been said that people note the dinosaur extinction because they are big, bad, and dead. No one cares about the trilobite extinction because they weren’t big or bad, just dead. And bees, as an order, don’t even make the third checkoff. more

First mammal-like creatures rose in Permian, 286-248 million years ago?

Researchers: This suggests there is no particular difference in morphological diversity between the very first mammals and their immediate cynodont predecessors. more

Rapid evolution of asexual species … toward extinction

Perhaps further study will show that the spread of asexuality is a common cause of extinction of susceptible species. more

Extinction: Do introduced predators such as foxes and cats deserve their bad name?

Researchers: Native mammals were most likely to die off on islands that had rats, but not cats, foxes, or dingoes. more

Jurassic Park, move over: There really IS such a thing as Lazarus DNA

But it depends on intelligent design. When they get round to reviving extinct pig species, we get to call it Jurassic Pork. more

Extinction: Was the Red Queen right? Does failure to evolve lead to extinction?

One good thing about these guys’ hypothesis is that it is testable today (not like “What really happened to the dinosaurs?”). more

So extinction might be reversible? Flowing wooly mammoth blood found in carcass

If this find holds up, watch for people reopening the recent debate about bringing extinct creatures back to life by cloning them. more

Extinct species reappears after 12 years

Is it possible that some species just get by secretively with low numbers, for far longer than we might expect? more

One very invasive water species can also feed on land

“After dark the crayfish clambered out from the footprints and grazed on the surrounding terrestrial plants.” more

Extinction: Tracking the changing rates and causes of risk

Extinction filter: A lost susceptible trait “may no longer be relevant to surviving species even though it is still the original cause of past extinctions. ” more

New study suggests that being smarter is a defense against extinction

“species that weighed less than 10 kilograms and had big brains for their body size were less likely to have gone extinct … ” more

Extinct amphibian turns out not to be

“On a second trip, the researchers discovered more than 100 toads in a 200-square-meter sampling area. ” The species still needs protection, of course. more

UD Commenter Nick Matzke in Prestigious Scientific Journal Nature Again

I believe this is already the 2nd time that Nick has graced the pages of the world’s leading science journal. See: Predicting a state shift in the biosphere, and communicating it. Looks like it is the cover story too! Nick and I have been opponents in the ID / Evolution debate for years. I’m glad […] more

Recent extinction findings a puzzle?

“Many recent studies of extinction by paleobiologists are coming out with findings that are contrary to what we see in modern environments and sometimes even contrary to what other paleontologists see in other geologic eras, … ” more

Latest cause of global warming: Dinosaurs passing gas

Maybe it’s a good thing if man did not walk with the dinosaurs … , more

Fri nite frite: Early North Americans dodged mastodons and mammoths?

“The Vero site is still the only site where there was an abundance of actual human bones, not just artifacts, associated with the animals,” … more

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