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Nancy Pearcey at Beyond Expelled

At the Beyond Expelled worldview conference, Nancy Pearcey explored the impact of evolution vs ID. She describes skeptic Michael Shermer’s conversion to evolution & Scarlett Johansson’s acting on belief in evolution. —————- The intelligent design of life Nancy Pearcey tells crowd that Darwinism has evolved into more than just a theory (with VIDEO) Rachel Kyler, […] more

EXPELLED “stars” in the IMDb

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has a new set of entries as a result of Ben Stein’s EXPELLED. And then there are some, like Richard Dawkins, who have a long history in the IMDb: more

When all else fails – mock them

Cross posted over at “The Christian Watershed.”  A few years ago I was an assistant coach to a high school debate class. One common thing that must be drilled into the heads of high school debaters is to do their best to avoid insulting the other team. I didn’t always follow this advice in high […] more

Ben Stein’s Dangerous Idea

Robert Meyer provides thought provoking insight into the major issues surrounding Expelled. ————————————- Ben Stein’s Dangerous Idea Robert Meyer, May 6, 2008, New Media Alliance – Robert E. Meyer Ben Stein has a dangerous idea. His idea is that professors and teachers who express skepticism about Darwinism are likely to find themselves not granted tenure, […] more

Great Deal on Three ID DVDs

This just in from a contact at Campus Crusade: Three documentaries on DVD, perfect for an ID collection, are now available for just $29.95 -– about $10 per DVD: The three documentaries are: The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel Unlocking the Mystery of Life The Privileged Planet The Privileged Planet was, of […] more

Baylor Prez Spins Expelled Worries: The God of the Bible is the God of the genome … but not of the Evolutionary Informatics Lab

Taking a break from “Imagining” no heaven, no hell, no Yoko Ono, and no delay till the Expelled DVD comes out, I note where John Lilley, Baylor’s president, has seen fit to defend his institution in the light of the unflattering portrait in Expelled. Except he doesn’t exactly. In the form letter – apparently written […] more

Imagine Yoko Ono Shutting Down Showings of Expelled?

So far it is imaginary. Ono is seeking at least $75,000 in damages and injunctive relief. (Her case turns on the use of some lines from her late husband John Lennon’s ”Imagine”*. ) On April 30, 2008, a New York-based United States judge, Sidney Stein, enjoined “further distribution” of Expelled until Yoko Ono’s lawsuit for […] more

Was It “Shameful” for Expelled to Connect Darwinism and Nazi Atrocities?

Scholar Richard Weikart, author of From Darwin to Hitler asked me to publish this essay to Uncommon Descent. You can read more from Weikart here and my review of his highly recommended book is here. (Note: If you care about this subject, don’t listen to glib excuses and misdirection; read the book.) I am glad […] more

How does one make a “pseudo-documentary”?

Mark Perakh now resorts to calling Ben Stein’s EXPELLED a “pseudo-documentary” (go here)? I know what a pseudo-science is (e.g., Darwinism, in its claim to account for biological complexity). And I know what a “mockumentary” is (e.g., This is Spinal Tap). But how does one interview real people about what they really believe and come […] more

Stanford Fair Use Project to defend EXPELLED’s use of “Imagine”

I was speaking to one of the producers of Ben Stein’s EXPELLED the other day. We were discussing Yoko Ono’s suit against them for the brief clip of “Imagine” that appeared in EXPELLED. As it is, plenty of for-profit media/film outlets use clips of material for which they don’t get permission (you think the news […] more

Expelled at Baylor: Local reaction to film varies

Hre’s a thoughtful look by Tim Woods of the Waco Herald-Tribune at the response in and around Baylor University to Expelled – given that Baylor itself was one of the subjects. On the situation of Prof. Robert Marks, Woods records, Marks’ involvement in Expelled centers on a Web site about his evolutionary informatics research lab. […] more

Australian Media on EXPELLED

In reading an Australian news report on Ben Stein’s EXPELLED, I came across this paragraph (go here for full story): Stein is [a man] with a mission: to prove US academics are being expelled from universities for daring to suggest creationism should be taught in science classes. And to prove that creationism — the belief […] more

Derbyshire reviews (and seems to have read) Berlinski

Derbyshire continues to embarrass himself — it’s as though on the topic of ID and God his emotions take over and he can’t think straight. I’ll spare you his review and simply quote Berlinski’s response, which skillfully shuts him down with very few words: [From] David Berlinski: 1 If I remark that no sane man […] more

John Derbyshire: EXPELLED as “Creationist Porn”

Back last year I reported on this blog that (go here) that John Derbyshire, despite repeatedly weighing in against intelligent design online and in print, gave no evidence of understanding the topic (to say nothing of doing any first-hand reading in it). Below he weighs in against Ben Stein’s EXPELLED, reviewing the movie despite refusing […] more

Dinesh D’Souza on his recent debates with atheists

D’Souza has been debating lots of atheists lately. One atheist who won’t debate him is Richard Dawkins. Dinesh comments: [M]y challenges to Dawkins to step into the arena have only met with pathetic rationalization: “Richard is simply too busy and smart to debate you Dinesh.” Busy doing what besides being caught with his pants down […] more

Expelled ten days later … plus other news

According to Box Office Mojo, Expelled is estimated to have – earned $5,282,000 in 10 days. – it is currently ranked 6th in political documentary, 12th in Christian, and 15th in documentary. – It is currently ranked 13 in films, but every film ranked above it was released in far more theatres. Meanwhile, more

Weikart-Ruse Debate in STANFORD REVIEW

This just published at the STANFORD REVIEW: The Impact of Darwinism By Tristan Abbey With the premiere of Ben Stein’s new movie, Expelled, many people are pondering the long-term impact of Darwinism on society. We touched base with two experts on the subject. Arguing that Darwinism has had a largely positive impact on society is […] more

Is “Imagine” Even Copyrightable?

Yoko Ono, as many readers of this blog by now know, is suing the producers of EXPELLED for using a brief clip of John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” One of the stanzas of the song reads: Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger A brotherhood of man Imagine all […] more

Duped and Duping — What Goes Around Comes Around

Richard Dawkins continues to be indignant about being “duped” into taking part in Ben Stein’s EXPELLED. His indignation is a pose. Dawkins and his TV production company tried to dupe those who disagree with him into taking part in his “Enemies of Reason” series. Some of the people in that series (and in his previous […] more

Victimized by EXPELLED?

Richard Dawkins posts a letter on his website by an anonymous individual who, supposedly inspired by his viewing of EXPELLED, now holds Dawkins and fellow Darwinists responsible for the Holocaust. Dawkins then shifts the blame to Ben Stein and EXPELLED. This is the same Dawkins who in books and videos rails against religious people for […] more

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