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The social sciences of an incipient fascist state …

… would include, of course, “social neuroscience, behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology and social epigenetics.” more

But why are we even asking if Darwinism gave birth to social Darwinism?

Did psychology give birth to social psychology? more

Darwinizing the experience of wonder

Fictional Darwinian sociology is not the same as knowing much about how early man lived, let alone charting the evolution of wonder. more

Pathological altruism: More trouble for Darwinism?

If altruism is not reliably positive, the Darwinian explanation of its origin does not work very well. more

Evolutionary psychologist’s Sunday sermon: Blame evolution for your lack of patience and charity

This isn’t just evo psych nonsense, it’s destructive evo psych nonsense. more

Contra literary Darwinism, animal art is not really art

You can get cats to do the same thing as chimps, but the beautiful little pussyfeet produce nicer pictures. more

Next victim of anti-crackpot trend: literary Darwinism?

In The New Atlantis, Micah Mattix takes a run at “literary Darwinism” in “Portrait of the Artist as a Caveman” more

REFERENCE: The Smith Model, an architecture for cybernetics and mind-body/ free will/ determinism/ compatibilism analysis . . .

Since the issue of agent freedom and cause has again come up, it is worth the while to post the following summary on the Smith Model for agent cause and cybernetics, from the IOSE unit on minds etc: __________ >>(c) Of neurons, brains and minds The neuron (in its various types) is the key building […] more

Human evolution: Are we all “running apps from Fred Flintstone’s not-very-smartphone”?

“Work out what those apps are—so the theory goes—and you will see what the mind was designed to do.” Not, says Gottlieb more

Richard Dawkins defends the idea of having a mistress and lying about it

Many felt disgust with former vice presidential candidate John Edwards for cheating on his terminally ill wife Elizabeth Edwards. In the process of his affair, Edwards fathered a child with his mistress, Rielle Hunter. Rielle is now one of the most hated women in America. But according to evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, men having mistresses […] more

They said it: Did you think we were kidding about Darwinism and morality?

Ethics is illusory inasmuch as it persuades us that it has an objective reference. This is the crux of the biological position. Once it is grasped, everything falls into place. more

Evolutionary psychologist offers the discipline’s latest buzz on human ovulation

No wonder everyone from Jerry Coyne to Jerry Fodor think evo psych is, er, ridiculous. more

At last: The evolution of co-operation explained. Again.

Are the people who claim that we evolved to be violent right too? Yes, probably. Which is just the point. Everybody is right and therefore nobody is. more

Nobel Prize-winning physicist provides useful talking point against evo psych

“Psychology is not applied biology, nor is biology applied chemistry. ” more

Gil, you were asking about Darwinism and music? There is an “explanation” …

Darwinism doesn’t shed light on human behaviour, it merely interprets human behaviour according to Darwinism – a very different and much less useful exercise. more

Why “doing the science” about literature doesn’t tell you much about literature

” … to think that the invocation of empirical studies on a subject frees one from the job of finding out what the great instinctive psychologists have said … is just misguided.” more

John Gray: Evolutionary theorists assume their own leanings in morality are universal

“… self-evident to secular social scientists in American universities, but it hardly squares with how most human beings (or most Americans, for that matter) understand morality.” more

Genes are responsible for politics? Convenient news in an election year

“Darwinitis is essentially a form of uncontrolled speculation, not science. It depends entirely for whatever shred of plausibility it has on promissory notes written against future experiments. ” more

Was Anders Breivik “not-insane”?

Other psychiatrists now find Norway massacre gunman Anders Behring Breivik ‘not insane’ – prison now possible “The experts’ main conclusion is that the accused, Anders Behring Breivik, is not considered to have been psychotic at the time of the actions on July 22, 2011,” the Oslo district court said in a statement which reopens the […] more

Why the uproar around E. O. Wilson’s new “group selection” book?

Endless theories based on Wilson’s sociobiology (evolutionary psychology) in psychology journals. Then the founder disowns it all. No wonder they want to get him. more

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