Category: Evolutionary biology in a Dither Over non-Repeal of LSEA is all upset that repeal of the Louisiana Science Education Act of 2008 was was rejected yet again in a 3-2 vote in the State Senate. 19 year old Rice University Student Zack Kopplin has been leading the charge to get this “outrage” done away with once and for all, with help from the […] more

Getting me an Education

Larry Moran has decided to educate me about junk DNA. I appreciate the level of detail he has provided. I am not an expert in this field. I do however have a brain and, as a physicist, a vastly superior brain (I joke, sort of). I am not an IDiot, nor am I a larey […] more

Why on Earth would a layman accept Darwinistic claims?

First, by “Darwinistic” I mean “atheistic-materialist neo-Darwinist”, which includes the view that even the origin of life can be explained by reference to chance and natural law. As Alan Fox points out, many of those here are “laymen” when it comes to evolutionary biology.  Most of us are not specifically schooled or trained in that […] more

Is Human Intellect Degenerating?

Geneticist Gerald R. Crabtree reviews evidence showing genomic mutations are degrading the 2000 to 5000 genes needed for our intellectual and emotional function: New developments in genetics, anthropology, and neurobiology predict that a very large number of genes underlie our intellectual and emotional abilities, making these abilities genetically surprisingly fragile. . . . more

EMBO workshop focuses on “phenomena that are not part of the traditional narrative of molecular evolution … ”

” … and which might signal a paradigm shift in the field.” more

They said it: Did you think we were kidding about Darwinism and morality?

Ethics is illusory inasmuch as it persuades us that it has an objective reference. This is the crux of the biological position. Once it is grasped, everything falls into place. more

Religion: Your team’s inner coach?

What you won’t ever see there is a thesis on how man evolved to be capable of a revelation of the divine. All the knives would be out against that one. more

Reflections on genuinely non-Darwinist evolutionary biologist Lynn Margulis (d. 2011)

A far cry from the infantile anger of well-known Darwinists spewing hate as soon as they read her customary obit. more

Lynn Margulis stood up to the blasts of Darwin’s Awesome Big Noise machine

Who will be the next Lynn Margulis? more

One hundred and one unsolved puzzles in evolutionary development (evo-devo)?

Did the right mutations simply never occur? more

Retroviruses and Common Descent: And Why I Don’t Buy It

Those of you who have been following this blog, as well as Evolution News & Views, for some time, will be aware that I have previously discussed, across multiple articles, the phenomenon of endogenous retroviral inserts into the genomes of primates. Those familiar with the debate over origins will also be familiar with the various […] more

The Value Of Probabilistic Arguments In The Debate Over Evolution

During the course of our discussion, Pigliucci made some claims which astonished me — especially as arguments coming from a trained philosopher and world-renowned evolutionary theorist. more

In a Darwinian multiverse, Eugene Koonin could be both right and wrong an infinite number of times

In “The origin and early evolution of eukaryotes in the light of phylogenomics” (Genome Biology 2010, 11:209 ) Eugene V Koonin argues for endosymbiosis (organisms ingest other organisms, but the latter remain alive and provide a new function for the whole) to explain eukaryotes (complex cells, not bacteria): Phylogenomics of eukaryote supergroups suggest a highly […] more

How Darwinists cope with being completely, utterly wrong

When suppression fails, they rewrite history. In “Darwin’s Theory of Descent with Modification, versus the Biblical Tree of Life,” Massey University molecular biologist David Penny admits that Darwin did not coin the expression “Tree of Life,” as in “Darwin’s Tree of Life”: There is a strong urban myth that Charles Darwin introduced and/or advocated a […] more

No evidence that there is enough time for evolution

No evidence that there is enough time for evolution[*] Lee M Spetner Redoxia Israel, Ltd. 27 Hakablan St., Jerusalem, Israel Abstract: A recent attempt was made to resolve the heretofore unaddressed issue of the estimated time for evolution, concluding that there was plenty of time. This would have been a very significant result had it […] more

Remember Dollo’s Law?: Once a trait was lost through evolution, it could not be regained.

Well, no one told the life forms about it, and frogs, snapdragons, and snakes, among other, apparently broke it with impunity, so that the “law” is in the process of being retired.* Now, a research team has, usefully, come up with estimates of the probability of mutations being reversible. From ScienceDaily (May 11, 2011): Physicists’ […] more

Theistic Evolutionists – How Do You See (Intelligent) Design?

Recently, I made a post regarding what I thought was an encouraging moment at Biologos, where a guest writer frankly speculated about how God could work through evolution. In the comments section, some discussion was had about just how rare or common such views are among  TEs. Since I’ve already made the call for non-theists […] more

An Encouraging Moment at Biologos

Submitted without further comment, for now, is this quote from Part 2 of a review of Jerry Coyne’s “Why Evolution Is True”. With emphasis added: Later, he claims “Darwinism tells us that, like all species, human beings arose from the working of blind, purposeless forces over eons of time” (p. 224). There are at least […] more

Options in evolution: Teilhard de Chardin’s evolution – “Poetry and not philosophy”

It’s often said that many European non-Darwinian evolutionists are fans of the Jesuit paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955). Here’s something to know, however: The Catholic thinker most identified with evolution, the French Jesuit paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin … des not loom as large on the Catholic intellectual landscape as he did a generation […] more

Born again evolutionary biologist critiques Gauger-Axe paper

In “Protein evolution in BIO-Complexity”(Todd’s Blog , April 13, 2011), Todd C. Wood comments on the recent BIO-Complexity paper by Ann Gauger and Doug Axe. He finds their work puzzling because they proceed as biochemists rather than evolutionary biologists, and summarizes: In the larger scheme of things, I am sensing a discouraging pattern to BIO-Complexity publications. […] more

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