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Cracked offers a look at 6 stealthiest disguises in the animal kingdom

Including the dead leaf moth. more

Reviewer: Mind is “elephant in the room” as far as evolution is concerned

Snoke: On reflection, it is surprising that the existence of Mind has not been considered a major problem to address in evolutionary thought. This stems from the early commitment of Western science to a sharp distinction between observer and observed. more

Why life remained just slime for a billion years: Turns out low oxygen WAS to blame after all (?)

Whatever, but anyway, add “trace metals” to attempts to account for the Cambrian explosion. more

Theory on how animals evolved challenged: Some need almost no oxygen

Essentially, the appearance of complex animals was assumed to be caused by the rise in oxygen levels; sponge experiment suggests it may have only coincided with it. more

Microbiologist admits Darwinism’s shortcomings, says we should stick with it for now because …

… the alternative is complete ignorance. Trouble is, a theory that so consistently misleads as he describes is probably wrong, not just incomplete. more

Moderator for science mag article on how DNA studies shake tree of life bans discussion of “whether evolution is true.”

The big problem now isn’t whether “evolution” is true or untrue but whether current findings are making it nonsense. more

“Starling” type of bird lived alongside dinosaurs?

A mostly normal bird among all the feathered dinoflaps? The past sure isn’t what it used to be.

My take on the Nye-Ham Debate (and its wider context)

I have felt it useful to blog on the Nye-Ham debate at my personal blog, here. I trust the thoughts there will be helpful for onward discussion. My conclusion, in light of say the life and career of this notorious Creationist  ignoramus, and blundering incompetent at scientific fields . . . NOT: . . . […] more

Sneezing sponges – existence challenges assumptions about ‘primitive’ organism

“For a sponge to have a sensory organ is totally new. This does not appear in a textbook; this doesn’t appear in someone’s concept of what sponges are permitted to have,” said Leys. more

Attenborough, read your mail: Evolution is messier than TV

A friend writes to point out a modern-day examples that illustrates this, the walking shark: more

A Short Commentary on the Nye-Ham Debate

I originally wrote this for a friend, but decided that other people might be interested, too. Anyway, this is not a blow-by-blow, and I’m sure I’m missing some important points, but here is my commentary on the debate. If parts of it read like an email to a friend, well, that’s because that’s where it […] more

Linc RNA–once believed useless–plays a role in the genome

Here is a piece over at Phys.Org dealing with “long, intergenic non-coding” RNA. “When we removed the specific lincRNA, we looked at the mouse brain and the progenitors were reduced. As a consequence probably, the population [of neurons] that sits on top of the cerebral cortex are reduced … It’s likely that in the future […] more

Is Modularity a Pre-Requisite for Evolvability?

One of my favorite biologists is Gunter Wagner. He makes the claim in Genome Biology and Evolution that evolvability and modularity are highly associated. While not proof of a requirement, I think that Wagner is on the right track. In fact, this sort of research can actually bridge the gap between Intelligent Design and Evolutionary […] more

Climate change will wipe out a quarter of species … no, spur the evolution of new species

Just think; we will finally have evidence for the evolution of new species. A silver lining in the clouds of climate change. more

Who would have expected Darwinian evolution to come up in The Edge’s list of …

… science ideas ready to be retired, along with the Big Bang? more

Early tetrapod (“fishapod”) sheds light on transition to land—maybe

The Polish trackways establish that Tiktaalik wasn’t anywhere near the first tetrapod, so the most important information about the transition to land doesn’t even include Tiktaalik at present. more

Controversy swirls around last common ancestor of placental mammals

Is the molecular clock right (88-117 mya) or are the bones right (65 mya)? more

Human evolution is a “privileged” process?

Lahn probably hadn’t got the memo yet about how loaded the concept of privileged is in this context. In any event, he attributed the rapidity of the process to the development of human society, which he says, made selection for intelligence work faster more

Evolutionary biologist sees mutation driving evolution and thinks natural selection is of secondary importance

The author is Matastoshi Nei, Evan Pugh Professor of Biology and Director of the Institute of Molecular Evolutionary Genetics, who seems well-connected in the science world more

Molecular biologist Michael Denton is back!

Yes, him, the post-Darwinian. Remember Evolution: A Theory in Crisis? Nature’s Destiny? more

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