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TED talks draw ire at Chronicle of Higher Education

Do they merely simplify and flatten the world of ideas, killing as much inquiry as they start? more

A 305 million year old harvestman fossil has two set of eyes

Current descendants of the spiderlike arachnid have one functional pair and one vestigial pair. more

Bioscience 2010: Problems with evolution of mimicry “huge”

But can’t we just throw more Darwinism at the problems? Now and then, we’ll accidentally learn something and define that as progress. more

Reductive evolution of complexity — can we say square circle?

Walter Remine mentioned in passing about a parasite that slowly evolved to lose all its organs except for its anus. Unfortunately he didn’t recall the name of the creature or whether he got all the details right, but rather than peppered moths, if that creature really exists, it should be the poster child of Darwinism. […] more

How the zebra got its stripes, this time really

One might think that parasites are more numerous in hot locations, but the parasites of the far northern summer are notorious. Is striping often used there as a defense? more

Thoughts on the Second Law

A couple of days ago Dr. Granville Sewell posted a video (essentially a summary of his 2013 Biocomplexity paper).  Unfortunately, he left comments off (as usual), which prevents any discussion, so I wanted to start a thread in case anyone wants to discuss this issue. Let me say a couple of things and then throw […] more

John Sanford: Accepting Darwinism’s collapse is a matter of scientific integrity

Sanford: The extremely sophisticated hardware and software systems that enable life simply cannot be built by any trial and error system. more

Evolution: In blind cave fish, a protein change supports controversial evolution mechanism

Researchers: … the extent to which cryptic, preexisting variation provides a substrate for natural selection has been controversial. We provide evidence … more

Plant mimic stick insect found from 126 mya

Also: here’s a current model of a modern stick insect that acts the part as well—shaking like a leaf. more

Michael Denton on the deepening crisis in evolution theory

Denton: If nature has a hand in the origin of life and in directing the course of evolution then Darwinism will never provide a convincing explanation. more

Is “macroevolution” even a meaningful term? It’s time to ask.

Viral post zooms on. And recent news stories show, scientists now less afraid to address: Macroevolution apparently happens, but not by Darwinian means. G’bye, Darwin. We packed the crumpets for ya. more

Animals didn’t “arise” from oxygenation, they created it, researchers say

Researchers: We argue that the evolution of the first animals could have played a key role in the widespread oxygenation of the deep oceans. (leading to more complex animals) more

What if C.S. Lewis were teaching evolution in a public school?

Put that way (organisms have changed, for better or worse), “evolution” isn’t a belief specific enough to support or oppose. more

Are the journals already dropping Darwin, …

… and the popular science media just haven’t caught up? more

When a post goes viral, you learn who lives where …

The same people who say it is okay to lie, of course pretend outrage that people don’t believe their claims. Or—a chilling thought but worth considering—they are indeed outraged, that we are not so stupid. more

Remarkable new Chinese fossil finds from 160 mya

Level of preservation described: “fantastic” more

Biggest virus ever: “We don’t understand anything anymore!”

Fortunately, it is not yet illegal for nature to differ from a tenured prof or a pressure group. more

Self-organization theorist publishes new paper on non-Darwinian means of evolution

James Shapiro has a new paper in RNA Biology, “Constraint and opportunity in genome innovation.” more

Viruses created multicellular life forms?

The theory goes from worm to man to nature without a pit stop. more

Cracked offers a look at 6 stealthiest disguises in the animal kingdom

Including the dead leaf moth. more

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