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Excerpt: Dramatic changes can be reversed via epigenetics

“The tip of the iceberg is genomics. . . . The bottom of the iceberg is epigenetics.” more

Epigenetics: Twins show differences at birth

But then what about all those politically correct twin studies that claim to show that whether you are gay or religious or … more

Fruit flies learn to count?

Could be epigenetics, but the researchers are calling it directed evolution. We should sic BioLogos on more

Epigenetics to be to 21st century what genetics was to 20th century?

“One thing is becoming clear; DNA is just a bit player in a much vaster array of information.” more

Why does epigenetics matter? Why is it bad news for Darwin?

Roundworms may provide a clue. more

Here’s an explanation of epigenetics …

“If genetics is the alphabet, epigenetics is the spelling that guides the activity of our cells.” more

The Mysterious Epigenome by Thomas E. Woodward & James P. Gills

… is now free on Kindle more

Interesting new paper: “A pluralistic model of heredity is now emerging”

“, based on a recognition of multiple, parallel mechanisms of inheritance. ” more

Is there a fifth base in RNA?

“Although mRNA was thought to contain only four nucleobases, their discovery shows that a fifth base, N6-methyladenosine (m6A), pervades the transcriptome.” more

Epigenetics, game changer

“And it’s very interesting to see that the authors got changes in methylation after a single exercise exposure. ” more

Epigenetics: Social status change produces gene effect in monkeys within weeks

” … researchers could predict an individual monkey’s social rank with high accuracy from their gene expression profile alone.” more

Epigenetics: Swedish researchers say Darwinism is NOT the cause of wide variation in domestic chicken types

“Daniel Nätt and Per Jensen at the forefront, demonstrate in their study that so-called epigenetic factors play a greater role than previously thought. ” more

From Discover Magazine: DNA Is Not Destiny – but why isn’t the news getting out?

He wrote that over five years ago (November 2006) and we have heard remarkably little discussion since then about how epigenetics impacts (wastes) neo-Darwinism. more

Epigenetics as the latest icon of intelligent design?

Maybe, but Darwinism rules in media and education, and both are now increasingly facts-optional environments. more

Darwin’s world sticks its toe in epigenetics

Darwin’s natural selection is beginning to sound more and more like an ancient Greek god who didn’t create the world, but decides intelligently where he will intervene in it.

Why you are not your genes, and even your genes are not “your genes”

In those days, Nobelist Walter Gilbert, extolling the Human Genome Project, would hold up a data CD and inform his audience, “This is you.” A genome decoded. But was it you? Or anybody? more

A bioscience newsletter that isn’t spouting Darwin?

Maybe the newsletter staff will hereafter be harassed to Darwin pieties in order to prove their submission, and it will be interesting to see how that turns out. more

Epigenetics: Why did my brother die and I didn’t?

“Even if we completely understand all of the genes important for a particular human disease, we may never be able to predict what will happen to each person from their genome sequence alone.” more

Featured comment at The Scientist: Epigenetics not as crazy as it appears?

“Epigenetic inheritance may be the key to solving many unexplained phenomena in humans.” more

Epigenetics: How parents live matters?

“Scientists presented new research today demonstrating the impact life experiences can have on genes and behavior.” more

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