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Back to basics — rationality (not rationalism) 101 . . . including moral common sense

  It seems necessary — in the teeth of too much obfuscatory rhetoric spread out like a squid escaping behind a cloud of ink — to lay out some basics of reasoning in general and about morality in particular for record, yet again. This time, by clipping, slightly adapting and highlighting an in-thread comment here: […] more

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New at The Best Schools II

Enjoy! more

The US. Darwin in the schools lobby is serious about climate change activism

Not just a sideline. It is going after the Heartland Institute. more

New at The Best Schools I

Do-it-yourself bafflegab: a tutorial in writing badly… at university and on into your professional life more

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Are you a techie? Hope to work for Google? Google employees get down n’ honest about what they don’t like about working there. more

New at The Best Schools I

Ever wondered what editors do? Wikipedia shows us, by not doing it. People are beginning to notice, too. People you didn’t expect are beginning to care. Plus four more stories. more

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Does homeschooling reduce childhood obesity? Yes, and the key meal is lunch. Plus four more stories. more

Publisher of Pandas textbook offers “The Untold Story of Dover”

FTE: Contrary to Judge Jones’ ruling that Pandas was originally intended to advocate creationism, FTE in fact agreed with previous court rulings against teaching actual creationism in public schools. more

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The alchemists were not as unscientific as some claim. more

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There are jobs in biology for the rest of a student’s life. Because there is just so much information more

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Ask Priceonomics if college is worth it. You will be surprised. more

An example of why atheist creation stories should not be taught in tax-funded schools

He (the atheist) believes that accidents could create something which he (the intelligent being) cannot properly mimic. more

Darwinism is and always has been the creation story of atheism, so …

Why is it publicly funded anyway? more

Musta missed this one last year, from a NON-ID supporter:

The Texas school board hearings are really about forcing the public to fund an obviously exploded model of science, to keep its functionaries in their jobs. more

FYI-FTR: The “Creationists” are spreading their tainting of Science textbooks from Texas — or are they?

A few days ago, UD News posted a comment on a scare mongering story in a British popular science magazine, on how “Creationists” in Texas were allegedly tainting textbooks through the buying power of that state. By comments 3 and 4 we read: 3 wd400October 7, 2013 at 2:05 pm First, how do they know? […] more

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Enjoy! more

New at The Best Schools

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Darwin lobby: Don’t teach epigenetics, kids won’t understand

The best-known Darwin lobbyist thinks the evidence for evolution in general is so weak that doubts about the power of natural selection to randomly produce intricate new equipment must mean that evolution never happens. Good thing she said it herself. more

Turns out some Texas media DID believe Texas bans discussion of evolution

Also, it tells you something that people like Zack are thought by many to be some kind of shining hope. In that case, the nineteenth century is just not dead enough yet. more

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