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Recommending Larry Moran’s textbook without reading it

Larry Moran wrote: If Salvador Cordova can put together an audience of biology students at a reputable university (George Mason?) and get an Intelligent Design Creationist to ask these questions, I’ll be happy to come and answer them. … Some of them are easy to answer. The best answer is “I don’t know.” That is […] more

Former #1 science blog responds to questions posted at UD

The Happy Atheist PZ Myers’ blog was once the world’s most visited science blog. He then migrated his blog toward other issues like freethought and became involved in some of the most entertaining internet dramas like Elevator Gate. He actually took time as a science professor to answer questions intended for science professors: No not […] more

Questions college students should ask science professors

Students who ask science professors certain questions will be the ones who’ll appreciate the weaknesses in various anti-ID or anti-creation theories. Preferably they’ll ask after they’ve gotten an “A” in the class, maybe even after they’ve gotten their diploma. The ideal IDist or creationist student can hopefully score in the 99th percentile on evolutionary tests, […] more

Creationist students at Bryan achieve 99 percentile in evolutionary biology!

the department chair took me aside and shared with me the results from the latest standardized testing of the senior biology majors. The test splits up their scores in four categories: cell, organismal, genetics, and evolution. To my absolute delight, Bryan College students scored in the 99th percentile – in the evolution category! That was […] more

Time Magazine claim: Voucher schools teach kids to mistrust science

If your science education is teaching you to think like Jeffrey Kluger wants, that’s one problem right there. We can wrap it. more

Known iconoclast physicist Freeman Dyson can talk about scientists’ blunders, including Darwin’s

… and Kas Thomas can’t. Can you imagine if Thomas was a high school teacher? more

PasserBy11′s comment — well said, even though I disagree

[I was incredibly impressed by the testimony of PasserBy11 in the thread Are dinosaurs the real reason young Christians in college desert their faith. He had the opposite journey that I had in some respects. I have to say however I can so relate to the effect of bad behavior in the Church and the […] more

New at The Best Schools I

Gutting the core of the humanities – so we can listen to ourselves listening to ourselves more

New at The Best Schools II

At Merriam-Webster, “science” is the 2013 word of the year. Find out what words are trending now. more

New at The Best Schools II

New grammar checker can also warn you about plagiarism. more

New at The Best Schools I

Why minimal guidance fails in education“The current situation will probably continue as long as direct instruction is more expensive and less interesting than fads, which is to say forever. But astute consumers of education, especially if they are paying for it, can learn to make wiser investments by heeding these cautionary tales.” more

New at The Best Schools II

“Good question to ask: Why does the world need to hear from me? The harsh truth is, most career-ending tweets are not valiant stands for truth, but stuff better left unsaid.” more

Reflections on self-organization theorist James Shapiro’s tirade on “misquoting science”

Fundamentally, from the Darwin-in-the-schools’ lobby’s perspective, Shapiro is no different from the fellow in Texas who he thinks misrepresented him. Indeed, people have lost their right to teach for less than what Shapiro has already said. If he thinks he can buy safety by attacking that Texan, he is thinking like a newbie. more

New at The Best Schools I

Popular science writing – It’s as challenging as writing a novel and playing Scrabble at the same time. The story must be interesting and believable but all the story elements must also be skillfully arranged facts. more

New at The Best Schools II

For example, five Danish high school girls wondered whether it was fact or folklore that mobile phone radiation can be harmful. They decided to test the proposition with seeds. The results were dramatic. more

Coyne et al cheer on censorship — it is time to take notice . . .

Yesterday, UD News  headlined a case of radical secularist censorship in Los Angeles being cheered on by Jerry Coyne et al. The case concerns the removal of the following sign (shown under fair use) that was formerly present at a Museum of Natural History in that city: Notice, what Coyne says in exultation over the […] more

New at The Best Schools II

For example, Your worst nightmare: You land that dream STEM job and you come to realize that something is going on at the lab that could land you all in jail. Or a research scandal that will follow you. more

New at The Best Schools I

Can you finance your education waiting on tables? Not at Applebee’s soon. 45% jobs vulnerable to automation. But there’s hope. more

The famous Feynman Lectures on Physics hosted free for all by Caltech (and taking a peek at entropy . . . )

Christmas is early this year. Here are the famous Feynman Lectures on Physics (Vol II is forthcoming) hosted for free by Caltech. A useful point of reference for one and all. Just for fun, note here on on entropy, irreversibility and the rise of disorder: Where does irreversibility come from? It does not come from […] more

New at The Best Schools

For example, Does ending a sentence with a period make you seem aggressive? (and other surprising recent changes in perception) more

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