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Antibiotic resistance is “hard-wired” into bacteria?

“Antibiotic-resistant bacteria cut off from the outside world for more than four million years have been found in a deep cave.” more

DCA Update – Big Pharma/Glacial Rate of Progress

Dichloroacetate (DCA) Promising for Endometrial Cancer DCA virtually disappeared from the news about a year ago when it was forced off the open market by the FDA and all research into its efficacy as a cancer therapeutic had to go through officially sanctioned channels. I’ve kept track of it all this time through Google Email […] more

DCA – The Plot Sickens

About a year ago the chemical compound dichloroacetate was in the news as a potential miracle cure for cancer shortly after a scientist at the University of Edmonton published experimental results showing human cancers melting off of lab rats in a matter of a few weeks with virtually no adverse side effects. As it turned […] more

DCA Update II

I added a category on the sidebar “DCA” so you can find the series of articles I’ve written about this cancer killing drug beginning in late January of this year. It’s been a month since the last update. more

DCA Update

About two months ago I blogged several articles on a potential cancer cure called DCA. To date there has still been no start of an FDA-approved clinical trial so it looks like the conspiracy theorists were right – DCA is a common chemical that has no profit potential for big pharma so even though it […] more

[Off Topic] Why Scientists Are Opposed to DCA Use

I finally figured it out. It’s because scientists have not officially blessed its use. To take a drug that scientists say you shouldn’t try yet is to commit a horrible transgression against the authority of the scientific clergy. Even when you’re dying of stage 4 cancer and no scientifically sanctified therapies are available you are […] more

The DCA Site

Someone in California has created a website dedicated to potential cancer wonder-drug DCA (dichloroacetate). Pass the word. The DCA Site – Updating You on DCA and Cancer more

The American Cancer Society FINALLY Notices DCA

Thanks to so many people making so much racket on the internet this potential wonder-drug is finally getting noticed. Let’s keep up the pressure. New Cure for Cancer: Truth or Dare? by Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, American Cancer Society, for ABC News There is the medical equivalent of a tsunami wave building out there, only we […] more

Watch the Edmonton News Report of Cancer Cure Dichloroacetate (DCA)

Edmonton Global News television report on dichloroacetate cancer cure and interview with discoverer Dr. Evangelos Michelakis, Department of Medicine, University of Alberta. Click here to watch. more

DCA – The Patent Pending Treatment Protocol

In case anyone was wondering, the international patent application for DCA as a cancer cure is available for anyone to read. DCA is an inexpensive, uncontrolled chemical hailed as a potential cure for cancer that anyone can buy. This is not an endorsement or encouragement for anyone to self-medicate. It is intended solely to get […] more

Doctor David H. Gorski doth protest too much, methinks

Get this from Orac (a.k.a. DH Gorski) at Respectful Insolence. Here’s a cutter/researcher who makes a living from cancer. A respectable number of research papers in chemotherapy and radiation bear his name and he’s a surgeon. He is, in other words, a fully vested member in the multi-billion dollar cancer treatment industry. If there’s a […] more

Cheap, safe drug kills most cancers

Cheap, safe drug kills most cancers New Scientist has received an unprecedented amount of interest in this story from readers. If you would like up-to-date information on any plans for clinical trials of DCA in patients with cancer, or would like to donate towards a fund for such trials, please visit the site set up […] more