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Can’t sleep? Bone up on social Darwinism on BBC Radio 4

A friend says it’s an interesting program. We think he means it’s not just another big whitewash job more

Wikipedia’s Darwinized Lincoln was historically impossible, it turns out

From Sisson, The idea that Lincoln took time off from the biggest ambition of his life — winning the Presidency, in the midst of the crisis of slavery and secession — to read a hot-off-the-presses copy of Origin of Species is, frankly, ridiculous. more

Just wondering: If humans are a plague, why isn’t climate doom an answer?

A new documentary and e-book, The War on Humans, documents the hottest trend in hating one’s neighbour. more

Darwin followers at BigThink discover rich new vein of comedy

He who speaks for Darwin today: I have no idea why you think the number of particles in the universe is relevant, but whatever, likelihoods of “one chance in 20^250″ happen every day. more

Kas Thomas still hanging in at BigThink, despite Darwinists’ attacks

He writes, I’m shocked at the degree of intolerance and disrespect shown in some of these comments by Darwinists, who in many cases (it turns out) are anything but open-minded, tolerant, or reasonable. more

Is microbiologist Kas Thomas’s criticism of Darwinism “wrong or outdated”?

Or “horribly ignorant” or “ID creationist gibber*”or a“giant turd in the punchbowl,” as various commenters claim? more

CS Lewis (1898–1963) honoured at Westminster Abbey

Some zealous followers of Darwin have tried to claim him as one of their own, just as some have tried to claim Abraham Lincoln, and with about equal credibility. more

Microbiologist admits Darwinism’s shortcomings, says we should stick with it for now because …

… the alternative is complete ignorance. Trouble is, a theory that so consistently misleads as he describes is probably wrong, not just incomplete. more

Darwin’s Wikipedians misrepresent Lincoln again, already

So for now, you can read an account at Wikipedia that is deeply misleading on the main point at issue (Lincoln preferred design to Darwin). But now that Darwin Day is past, it is no longer blatantly false. more

What if Lincoln and Darwin HAD met?

Over at Evolution News & Views, John West notes Darwin Day’s forgotten figure. No, not Alfred Russel Wallace, but U.S. president Abraham Lincoln, born the same day in 1809. In sociologist Steve Fuller’s imagination, they do meet (a snatch of transcript). Here’s the audio. More. Follow UD News at Twitter! more

Laszlo Bencze’s reflections on Darwin Day

Darwin alone of all scientists attained the rank of secular savior. It is why he receives public celebration that in medieval times was reserved for sacred relics. more

Cautionary tale for Darwin Day: Darwin and the bounds of true science

Now Darwinism is consensus science in biology. Speculation is limited to jamming nature into his ideas, whether or not she fits. And his followers, given their emotional commitments, are just the people to do it. more

For Darwin Day, here’s Jerry!! … Censor of the Year

Darwinian evolution, you see, is True, which goes way beyond fact, and by definition justifies the oppression of dissenters. more

New atheists score higher than conservative commentators on “certainty.” Surprised?

But the reality is that the new atheists can always resort to the Darwinian adaptation of getting people fired—which they increasingly prefer to arguments anyway. more

Darwin lobby offers five reasons scientists should …

… stay out of debates about evolution. We offer a sixth. more

Interesting take on Ham on Nye debate: Commentator says it was all just about business for both

Both Leahy and Luskin are in general right but does anyone really believe that the shards of today’s legacy media would care about a debate about, say, the 600 million-year-old comb jellies that are making matchsticks of Darwin’s “tree of life”? That’s not remotely who those ambulance chasers are. more

New book offers: What the Scopes “monkey” trial was really about

Fred Siegel argues, This idea of backwards America, yearning to lynch people who were in disagreement with them, really takes hold right there, right around the Scopes Trial. We never quite recover from it.

Paper on new atheist movement turns out NOT to be press release. New atheist elite real mad.

On the evidence, Pigliucci’s right, of course. Most of the backlash against scientism recently has been coming from secular sources. more

Resources for the Nye Ham debate tonight – also, plea to ID types: Be realistic

So how many NBC viewers would even know about Meyer, the Cambrian explosion, or Darwin’s Doubt but for this event? As a result of ambulance chasing, NBC ended up having to mention Meyer. more

NBC weighs in on Nye-Ham debate, actually quotes Steve Meyer

He doesn’t want serious science issues buried in has-been theory vs. fundamentalism. His book still places, by the way. more

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