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Darwinism: Falsehood doesn’t matter when truth doesn’t

Darwin’s followers are quite content with a science that does nothing but attempt to cherrypick or, increasingly, manufacture demonstrations of their theory. more

Are you a Darwinian fundamentalist? Find out now.

Forty questions, scored, will reveal whether you holler for the Beard like a New York Times science writer. Or … does your faith need strengthening? more

Macroevolution was not a clear concept back in 1980 either

Darwin is still on shaky ground everywhere but in the textbooks. more

“Die, Selfish Gene … “ science writer just “doesn’t understand” genetic evolution – Harvard psychologist

Science writer: It soon became apparent that some people are willing to defend the selfish gene idea as if guarding a holy kingdom. (But, Dobbs, for them it IS.) more

Selfish gene now coming under fire again

Aeon seems positioned to overtake thinkmags like First Things (which used to carry material critical of Darwinism but whose recent big solution was to please Darwin’s followers — at the very time the academy keeps losing the latter’s phone numbers) on all kinds of issues. more

Neo-Darwinism is inadequate for modern medicine?

That seems to be the message of a recent paper in Science. more

What if C.S. Lewis were teaching evolution in a public school?

Put that way (organisms have changed, for better or worse), “evolution” isn’t a belief specific enough to support or oppose. more

Are the journals already dropping Darwin, …

… and the popular science media just haven’t caught up? more

Biggest virus ever: “We don’t understand anything anymore!”

Fortunately, it is not yet illegal for nature to differ from a tenured prof or a pressure group. more

Darwin and natura non facit saltus

In his Origin of Species Darwin quoted six times the Latin sentence “natura non facit saltus” (“nature makes no leap”, it is a maxim expressing the idea that natural things and their properties change gradually, in a continuum, rather than suddenly). All the times Darwin used such quote to justify his idea that species arose […] more

Why do black swans feed fish?

Animals play because they like to do things, and find themselves with time to spare when they have no pressing needs. Does it help her leave fertile offspring? Maybe, maybe not. The time exists, no matter how she uses it. more

Has there really just not been enough time to observe Darwinian evolution at work?

We can indeed see evolution at work, if you mean evolution via horizontal gene transfer, for example, it’s precisely the textbook kind we don’t see. more

Found: A plant with no plastid genome

In a significant cultural departure, all the scientists refreshingly admitted that they were at a loss to explain the circumstance at present, with none attempting to conjure feebly in Darwin’s name. more

Apparently, US Republicans (39%) doubt humans evolved from an earlier species of animals

but it turns out, most Democrats could not correctly answer both that the Earth goes around the Sun and that this takes a year. The two divergences are treated as if they are exactly the same, of course, and guess which gets the more publicity? more

Geneticists use code words for race, science writer says

To the Darwinist, it looks like selfish genes (but then everything does). The rest of us would not put that much faith in the gene alone as the unit of inheritance. Separated from the rest of the story, it is probably usually meaningless. more

Prominent science writer insists Darwinian evolution is ongoing, wants to revive “conversation” about race

Not clear why Wade thinks a conversation on the importance of race is “overdue.” Did someone blink and miss a couple of hundred? more

Journalist wonders, why Creation Museum inspires rage, whole foods scams don’t (sky fell last night too, by the way)

It feels odd. There is now one other hack on the planet (at Daily Beast) who asks questions like this. more

Darwin troll declares victory over software engineer

There is a serious conversation going on. But you have to go somewhere quiet to find it. more

Darwin and gays, and the BBC

Further to (evolutionary biologist) “Larry Moran suddenly discovers an absolute moral value,” here’s a BBC News article bending itself in knots over “the evolutionary puzzle of homosexuality,” learning and passing on nothing in particular. more

Did Lincoln read Origin of Species in New York?

A commenter who insists on such a possibility being history may as well just go to Wikipedia and write it into the record, and Wiki will believe. Many people today prefer a facts optional world. more

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