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Technically, we don’t believe in the Darwin awards, but …

in the interests of public safety … this guy tries to instruct the public on train safety more

Is Richard Dawkins leading people away from The Blind Watchmaker …

… to Jesus? The Holy Smoke blogger discusses two publicized cases:

Rod Dreher discovers Dante

“I was only able to make this truth my own when Dante revealed it to me.” That is a difference between writers that sound good and those that wear well. more

Here’s Bill Nye’s take on the Nye-Ham debate, including stuff that didn’t happen

Nye saw that stuff in his own mind, which makes it true and important (and possibly, someday, a subject of legislation). more

E.O. Wilson reflects on the 1970s controversy around sociobiology

Naturally, the interviewer doesn’t ask him to explain why his theory doesn’t imply racism or sexism. Perhaps it doesn’t, but that’s hardly self-evident. more

Did PZ Myers have anything to do with vanishing newspapers?

But students, why ARE you reading the paper anyway? Just ask PZ, Sage of Morris, Minnesota, what to think. more

Science neither disproves God nor proves Darwin?

Are times changing? Do people no longer need to make ritual obeisance before Darwin, just to record some fact or make some point or other? Wow. more

Information killed the Central Dogma too

Riva: the information stored in DNA is only a small portion of the total, and that the overall picture is much more complex than the one outlined by the dogma. more

Bioscience 2010: Problems with evolution of mimicry “huge”

But can’t we just throw more Darwinism at the problems? Now and then, we’ll accidentally learn something and define that as progress. more

If you are a Christian, never question whatever pseudo-science is popular among the chatterati …

… otherwise, their God of the Gaps will get you!

One bat species turns out to be seven

Don’t forget how much of the whole concept of a “species” is obscured and vitiated by the hunt for observed Darwinian speciation. more

When Darwin’s followers debate…

“Interrogated by the audience” as in, Was this one of Darwin’s statements more wonderful than that one? Or is there really no way to tell? more

Cosmologist: Black holes produce new universes, physics laws

In fairness, it’s not easy to get all the science kitsch (Darwinism, multiverse, black hole woo) together in just one theory; gotta give Smolin credit for that. more

Who do Cosmos’ producers think cares about science anyway?

The supposed natural Cosmos fans are not the vanguard of a scientific revolution; they are the vanguard of believing whatever turns your crank. more

Reductive evolution of complexity — can we say square circle?

Walter Remine mentioned in passing about a parasite that slowly evolved to lose all its organs except for its anus. Unfortunately he didn’t recall the name of the creature or whether he got all the details right, but rather than peppered moths, if that creature really exists, it should be the poster child of Darwinism. […] more

DNA doesn’t even tell teeth what they should look like

More from the tortured world of gene-centricity. more

John Sanford: Accepting Darwinism’s collapse is a matter of scientific integrity

Sanford: The extremely sophisticated hardware and software systems that enable life simply cannot be built by any trial and error system. more

Which will win? Darwinism or global warming?

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets. more

New type of fish eye discovered, with second mirror retina

Readers, do you ever get the feeling, listening to Darwin-approved news copy, that you are listening to a sociopath on the witness stand in a criminal court case? more

Deep sea fish uses tripod to “stand”

So why use the word “evolved” at all? So we can pretend to know stuff we don’t? more

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