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The singularity, as it happens, is not so near after all

Maybe they had better build the humanchine first, and it can then advise them on producing a film with a better box office. more

How some nerds hope to find eternal life

Remember this when people tell you that traditional faiths feature unreasonable beliefs. more

Kirk Durston on “God and Science – Is there a Conflict?” . . . food for thought

I think we need to watch a video by Friend of UD, Kirk Durston. But first, a loop-back note: I have been rather busy elsewhere with issues like AS-AD, Kondratiev waves, Hayek’s investment triangle, SD and Schumpeterian creative destruction.(Pardon the resulting absence.) BTW, this line of thought leads me to hold that the oh- so- […] more

The cybernetic contradiction of Darwinism

In automatic control theory “homeostasis” is defined as the property of a system in which variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant. Homeostasis is a fundamental concept in biology because is what allows the life of organisms. In fact, it maintains the stability of the organisms in response to changes […] more

Darwin’s rats: Flee sinking ship

In short, , like we said, Darwinism provides no insight or guidance whatever. more

REFERENCE: The Smith Model, an architecture for cybernetics and mind-body/ free will/ determinism/ compatibilism analysis . . .

Since the issue of agent freedom and cause has again come up, it is worth the while to post the following summary on the Smith Model for agent cause and cybernetics, from the IOSE unit on minds etc: __________ >>(c) Of neurons, brains and minds The neuron (in its various types) is the key building […] more

Artificial Intelligence or intelligent artifices?

The so called “strong Artificial Intelligence” (AI) has some relations with evolutionism because both imply a “more” coming from a “less” and both are products of a materialist reductionist worldview. In evolutionism they believe that life arises from non life, and, similarly, in AI they believe that the intelligent comes from the non intelligent, that […] more

A process sequence chart view of the ribosome in action — a guest post by EP

For some months now, I have been having a behind the scenes correspondence with a regular viewer of UD, whom we shall call EP. He works with industrial robots, and has been fascinated by the way the ribosome works as a nano-scale automated machine cell. Accordingly, a process sequence diagram (‘map”) has been developed, based […] more

A blog on different ways ID theory can be applied

It also lists some applied ID papers. more

Popcorn: watching kinesin in action, as we digest that Christmas turkey and pudding . . .

Sometimes, seeing is believing. Here is a nice, short summary of the kinesin microtubule highway “walking truck” protein in action: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt This vid gives a bit of context: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Especially notice the role played by Brownian motion, and that played by ATP. So, post turkey and pudding […] more

ID Foundations, 13: Of bird necks and beaks, robots, micro-level black swan events, inductive turkeys & the design inference, the vNSR and OOL (with hints on economic transformation)

Over the past few days, I have been reflecting a bit on carrying design theory-relevant thought onwards to issues tied to education and economic transformation. In so doing, I found myself looking at a micro-level, personal black swan event, as I watched student robots picking and placing little plastic widgets much like . . . […] more