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PasserBy11′s comment — well said, even though I disagree

[I was incredibly impressed by the testimony of PasserBy11 in the thread Are dinosaurs the real reason young Christians in college desert their faith. He had the opposite journey that I had in some respects. I have to say however I can so relate to the effect of bad behavior in the Church and the […] more

Are dinosaurs the real reason young Christians in college desert their faith? II

It would of course make more sense to leave a church because one wishes to live a life forbidden by New Testament-based teachings than to leave it in a quarrel over the bones of T Rex. more

Are dinosaurs the real reason young Christians in college desert their faith?

Most often, I suspect, the real reason is the discovery that Biblical values … are not how the top people got where they are. The dinosaur is a respectable excuse. more

Did Shakespeare know about Copernicus?

Falk admits that some of the ideas he outlines are a bit “far-fetched” but others are intriguing. more

The day draws Nye—for the Nye-Ham debate

Dawkins’s guy attacks Nye as unqualified. Nye must be feeling the love just now, he deserves points for that alone. Here’s his view: “I’m going in as a reasonable man.” more

Fri Nite Frite: One way to avoid moralizing space aliens, courtesy Freeman Dyson

If they are not trying to communicate, we can be fairly sure they are not trying to take over, let alone sell something, promote a religion, or … waste us for our environment sins. more

The Edge thinksite asks, What scientific idea is ready for retirement?

In the old folks’ home of ideas more

After a schism, a question: Can atheist churches last?

So now they have everything a church has except God? Oh, and at the Sunday Assemblies, they DON’T have a dive bar. more

Fri Nite Frite: The biggest frite of all: Moralizing space aliens

Thought you could grow up and get away from dreary lectures about your wrong values, did you? Wrong-O. more

Poll: Rise in belief in ghosts, witches, and Darwin among the young

The poll probably captures the slow decline in rationally held belief. … And that is no surprise. The message from cosmology today is, the universe need not make sense. And that’s okay. more

Creationist movie starring Russell Crowe to hit theaters in 2014

What’s the difference between creationism and ID? Noah’s flood, the genealogies, tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah — in sum, creationism is defined by the book of Genesis, whereas ID is not focused on these matters at all. ID is the search for patterns that signify the action of intelligence. Judeo-Christian Creationism is the study […] more

“Who de cap fit, let ‘im wear it . . . ” — a (preliminary) collection of seen-in-the-wild Darwinist fever swamp fallacies

I am thinking it is time we began a collection of Darwinist fever swamp fallacies found in the wild. (Make sure to get your Malaria shot before going there . . . ) After the now standard “your’e a quote miner” false accusation and the “it’s a Gish galloper” smear of a man not present […] more

Carl Sagan: Learning dolphin language to talk to ET?

Tell me again why some people consider Sagan a great scientist. Was it the face? The voice? The comparatively early death? more

Novelist Nabokov’s butterfly evolution thesis vindicated 34 years after his death

One can only wonder what tenured buffoons he endured with patience in the meantime. more

Sudden death of prof who wrote on Darwinism and literature

His passing puts us in mind of that of Denis Dutton (1944–2010), doyen of literary Darwinism and editor of Arts and Letters Daily. Are we hearing less of literary Darwinism, and of evo psych now? more

Controversial sign at LA County Natural History Museum has been removed

Wonder when they’ll get around to chipping out the mosaic in the Rotunda at the Royal Ontario Museum, “That All Men May Know His Work”. more

Nokia stealing our brand moniker: Versatile and “intelligent design”

And they won’t even let us copy it, so you have to view it here. more

“Evolutionary leaders of the world” apparently think CS Lewis’ mock hymn to evolution…

… is the real thing. more

Postdoctoral fellow wanted, to study new atheism

New atheists figure largely among Darwin’s followers; maybe someone who reads Uncommon Descent might be interested and qualify. more

Darwin’s Doubt author Steve Meyer on the film Gravity with Michael Medved

Discussion about this new hit movie, as well as deeper questions concerning our current understanding of how gravity works and academic backlash faced by Sir Isaac Newton. more

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