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TED talks draw ire at Chronicle of Higher Education

Do they merely simplify and flatten the world of ideas, killing as much inquiry as they start? more

Science neither disproves God nor proves Darwin?

Are times changing? Do people no longer need to make ritual obeisance before Darwin, just to record some fact or make some point or other? Wow. more

We bought the future, but had to take it back

Despite the warnings of writers like Appleyard, there is certainly a market for future-flavoured Kool-Aid. more

It’s okay to tweak science for a cause, say journal authors

Oddly, none of these people think the rest of us are capable of figuring out that they aren’t telling the truth. more

When Darwin’s followers debate…

“Interrogated by the audience” as in, Was this one of Darwin’s statements more wonderful than that one? Or is there really no way to tell? more

Reviewer: Fashionable atheism has not made many inroads

Atlantic associate editor Emma Green’s review offers many useful statistics illustrating her point. more

God’s Not Dead film: How be, God is alive but logic isn’t? Not at university, anyway

Bencze: [Hawking's] words are so appallingly stupid that I thought they might have been invented by script writers. Well, they weren’t. Hawking actually wrote them … more

Will billionaire donors change how science is funded?

Design in nature (biomimetics) seems like a good bet to interest them, because the nearly impossibly hard work’s already been done. more

Internet TV show discusses one of my essays

Thanks to UD, I was able to make improvements to version 1 of an essay I published at UD here. I cleaned up the essay thanks to the comments and criticisms and published version 2 at CEU Insight and Inspiration. Thank you to all those who helped me make a better essay, and it became […] more

Bill Nye remembers the Nye–Ham debate

What’s the debate readers would really like to see? News would like to see Woit vs. Tegmark on the multiverse. more

Cosmos ratings disappoint?

A sci-fi drama did more than twice as well. That makes sense, of course. The multiverse is sci-fi, but without the Star Trek cast. more

Are you a Darwinian fundamentalist? Find out now.

Forty questions, scored, will reveal whether you holler for the Beard like a New York Times science writer. Or … does your faith need strengthening? more

What goes around comes around …

… and we had better be glad for it. more

Roger Scruton helps Richard Dawkins’ “meme” find its way to the wastebasket

If being on the right side of an argument mattered, we would never hear anything about scientism in the arts again. more

Why is there no creationist Isaac Newton?

[This is an essay I wrote originally for a creationist audience which I cross posted at Insight and Inspiration from CEU (where comments are shut off, but comments are invited here at UD however). I post it here at UD unchanged because the ID community might be able to glean some useful information from it […] more

Darwin’s defender declares war over adverb in school standards

So, his bitch is with “critically”? The Uncommon Descent news desk has been engaged in a decades-long war against his “richly symbolic,” which includes carpet-bombing with red pens. more

Newswatch — tracking the Ukraine crisis in light of the shadows of 1938 . . .

Preliminary thoughts are here, I  have a very queasy feeling in my tummy over this one. For historical context, here is Wiki’s summary of developments coming out of the 1938 “Peace in our time” crisis of 1938, which began with German agitation over the claimed plight of the Sudeten Germans living under Czech rule — […] more

Apparently, US Republicans (39%) doubt humans evolved from an earlier species of animals

but it turns out, most Democrats could not correctly answer both that the Earth goes around the Sun and that this takes a year. The two divergences are treated as if they are exactly the same, of course, and guess which gets the more publicity? more

Prominent science writer insists Darwinian evolution is ongoing, wants to revive “conversation” about race

Not clear why Wade thinks a conversation on the importance of race is “overdue.” Did someone blink and miss a couple of hundred? more

Will love for robots be the next sexual revolution?

Asks a writer at New Scientist, wondering whether people will be allowed to marry robots. more

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