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The day draws Nye—for the Nye-Ham debate

Dawkins’s guy attacks Nye as unqualified. Nye must be feeling the love just now, he deserves points for that alone. Here’s his view: “I’m going in as a reasonable man.” more

Geneticist Todd Wood offers an apology

He is disappointed in Tim Stafford’s collection of short biographies of Christians who differ on the creation/evolution question. Presumably, during their courthouse conversation, Wood will ask Darrel Falk what HE thinks of the book. more

Ari Brynjolfsson’s Plasma Redshift

[This essay has marginal relevance to the UPB (which has relevance to ID) but might be of interest to the anti-Big Bang, anti Einstein General Relativity crowd, and hence is of marginal interest to YEC's. I'm not totally against Einstein's work, but Einstein's work does have some negative bearing on YEC. Brynjolfsson's work is also […] more

Bill Nye–Ken Ham debate, February 4, to be live, free of charge

If it happens. Lots of people would like to see it cancelled. more

DNA half-life only 521 years, so is dino DNA and insect amber DNA young?

If paleontology lives by radiometric dating, it also dies by radiometric dating. Either DNA trapped in 200 million-year-old Jurassic insect amber is young or it has some unexplained source. I argue it is young. Radiometric C-14 dates of fossils say the fossils are young. As I’ve said many times, the radiometric date of 65 million-year-old […] more

The End must be Nye if PZ Myers is weighing in …

Readers, was Nye really so bad in that CNN vid? Or are these people just trying to make him cancel the show? Mad maybe, because THEY weren’t asked? What you think? more

Scopes courthouse debate February 3 probably representative, sources say

Representative, that is, of most American evangelicals who follow the issues. more

The End is Nye

Jerry “Why Evolution Is True” Coyne weighs in. He, of course, thinks Bill Nye shouldn’t debate Ken Ham. more

Evolutionary creation vs. young Earth creation at Scopes Trial courthouse?

Source says, They are very interesting to listen to and they both are “good on their feet” more

Science celeb Bill Nye vs. creation star Ken Ham debate: Live streaming put on hold

Do readers think it’ll happen on February 4 as planned? If not, who will back out? Why? more

Bill Nye the Science Guy to debate Answers in Genesis CEO Ken Ham at the Creation Museum

We think the big risk is, Ham n’ Rye will set too high a standard of entertainment on these issues, in a world where New Scientist offers to explain how swearing made us human. more

Creationist movie starring Russell Crowe to hit theaters in 2014

What’s the difference between creationism and ID? Noah’s flood, the genealogies, tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah — in sum, creationism is defined by the book of Genesis, whereas ID is not focused on these matters at all. ID is the search for patterns that signify the action of intelligence. Judeo-Christian Creationism is the study […] more

“Who de cap fit, let ‘im wear it . . . ” — a (preliminary) collection of seen-in-the-wild Darwinist fever swamp fallacies

I am thinking it is time we began a collection of Darwinist fever swamp fallacies found in the wild. (Make sure to get your Malaria shot before going there . . . ) After the now standard “your’e a quote miner” false accusation and the “it’s a Gish galloper” smear of a man not present […] more

Was astronomer Fred Hoyle a creationist?

Sort of, says science historian Michael Flannery. Depends how you want to define it. more

Debating Darwin and Design: Science or Creationism? (8) – Francis Smallwood’s Fourth Response

My neo-Darwinian friend, Francis Smallwood, has now written a response to my previous instalment in our dialogue. If you want to read it, go here. Below is a small excerpt of the response by Francis. You can read his full response by going to his blog. Follow the link at the bottom of the page. […] more

FYI-FTR: The “Creationists” are spreading their tainting of Science textbooks from Texas — or are they?

A few days ago, UD News posted a comment on a scare mongering story in a British popular science magazine, on how “Creationists” in Texas were allegedly tainting textbooks through the buying power of that state. By comments 3 and 4 we read: 3 wd400October 7, 2013 at 2:05 pm First, how do they know? […] more

Texas creationism will contaminate US textbooks?

Who knew Texas existed? Sounds like an interesting place to your usual news writer. more

Debating Darwin and Design: Science or Creationism? (7) – Joshua Gidney’s Third Response

After another unfortunately lengthy break, we’re at it again. This post is my latest response to Francis Smallwood. Francis is first and foremost, a dear friend, but also a Christian neo-Darwinist. He writes at his blog Musings of Science. This response is part of a long-term (hopefully lifelong), dialogue on many different topics relating to […] more

Top psychology mag column asks if creationists are sane

It’s one thing for “cool crowd” psychologists to fall on their sword but do they have to do it in public? more

Science writer who admits to doubting mindless evolution theories interviewed on CBC

In 2010, Heffernan had written that “ScienceBlogs has become preoccupied with trivia, name-calling and saber rattling. Maybe that’s why the ScienceBlogs ship started to sink.” So she was already beginning to think critically. more

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