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Here’s Bill Nye’s take on the Nye-Ham debate, including stuff that didn’t happen

Nye saw that stuff in his own mind, which makes it true and important (and possibly, someday, a subject of legislation). more

Questions college students should ask science professors

Students who ask science professors certain questions will be the ones who’ll appreciate the weaknesses in various anti-ID or anti-creation theories. Preferably they’ll ask after they’ve gotten an “A” in the class, maybe even after they’ve gotten their diploma. The ideal IDist or creationist student can hopefully score in the 99th percentile on evolutionary tests, […] more

Darwin-loving New Scientist trying to help creationists with Noah’s Ark problem

My eyes popped out with this headline from none other than Darwin-loving, ID-despising, creationist-hating New Scientist: Tree of Bird Life Could Solve Noah’s Ark Problem GENETICS could help solve the Noah’s Ark problem: faced with limited space, which species do you save? Focusing on the most evolutionarily unique and ancient species could allow us to […] more

Washington Post opinion: You’ll love the creationist movie “Noah”

[Noah Opens in Theaters Tomorrow] There’s nothing quite so helpful as a fatwa and threats of a Christian boycott to create buzz in advance of a new movie. “Noah,” scheduled for its U.S. release on March 28, has become such a target. The United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain have banned the movie because it […] more

Why they pretty much have to outlaw creationism

John Nolte: shall we wring our hands when public school teachers use “taxpayer money” to pay the tuition for their child to attend a school that teaches Creationism? more

Time Magazine claim: Voucher schools teach kids to mistrust science

If your science education is teaching you to think like Jeffrey Kluger wants, that’s one problem right there. We can wrap it. more

Bill Nye remembers the Nye–Ham debate

What’s the debate readers would really like to see? News would like to see Woit vs. Tegmark on the multiverse. more

New forum operational, ID differentiated from Creation Science

A new discussion forum which I mentioned previously is now mostly operational. Forums serve a radically different function than blogs. Forums are great for exploring and developing ideas, whereas blogs are great for promoting ideas. This fact became evident when participants of the old ISCID and ARN forum left the forums and migrated to Pharyngula, […] more

Why is there no creationist Isaac Newton?

[This is an essay I wrote originally for a creationist audience which I cross posted at Insight and Inspiration from CEU (where comments are shut off, but comments are invited here at UD however). I post it here at UD unchanged because the ID community might be able to glean some useful information from it […] more

Richard Walker’s website and radio show Creation: Myth or Miracle?

UD is privileged to have occasional visits by radio show hosts like Jason Rennie, Bob Enyart, and now we can add to the list, Richard Walker. I’ve often said, ID needs to be marketed to the creationist community. This may seem surprising since many creationists already accept ID. But believing a claim isn’t the same […] more

Amended trailer for creationist movie starring Russel Crowe — in theaters March 28, 2014

embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Crowe Tweets Pope Francis and invites him to watch [creationist] movie Now “Noah” star Russell Crowe is trying to reach a higher power, beseeching Pope Francis on Twitter to watch his upcoming biblical adventure, which is based on the Noah’s Ark story from the Book of Genesis. Addressing the pontiff […] more

The capriciousness of intelligent agency makes it challenging to call ID science

It would be an interesting debate as to whether legal decisions by juries are considered science. Does anybody really care whether a jury verdict is called science or non-science? Was the verdict against Jodi Arias for killing Travis Alexander science? Or how about the conviction of Bernie Madoff, is that science? Isn’t it more important […] more

Journalist wonders, why Creation Museum inspires rage, whole foods scams don’t (sky fell last night too, by the way)

It feels odd. There is now one other hack on the planet (at Daily Beast) who asks questions like this. more

Our moral and intellectual superiors ask, Can creationists be (allowed to be) scientists?

Should the world believe that people who wanted Nye to shine or just didn’t care much would go to all the trouble of studying each skull shown on the slide, as a YEC did? If McElwee has his way, it won’t just be DeWitt who isn’t (allowed to be) asking any questions. No one will be. more

My take on the Nye-Ham Debate (and its wider context)

I have felt it useful to blog on the Nye-Ham debate at my personal blog, here. I trust the thoughts there will be helpful for onward discussion. My conclusion, in light of say the life and career of this notorious Creationist  ignoramus, and blundering incompetent at scientific fields . . . NOT: . . . […] more

Interesting take on Ham on Nye debate: Commentator says it was all just about business for both

Both Leahy and Luskin are in general right but does anyone really believe that the shards of today’s legacy media would care about a debate about, say, the 600 million-year-old comb jellies that are making matchsticks of Darwin’s “tree of life”? That’s not remotely who those ambulance chasers are. more

A Short Commentary on the Nye-Ham Debate

I originally wrote this for a friend, but decided that other people might be interested, too. Anyway, this is not a blow-by-blow, and I’m sure I’m missing some important points, but here is my commentary on the debate. If parts of it read like an email to a friend, well, that’s because that’s where it […] more

Resources for the Nye Ham debate tonight – also, plea to ID types: Be realistic

So how many NBC viewers would even know about Meyer, the Cambrian explosion, or Darwin’s Doubt but for this event? As a result of ambulance chasing, NBC ended up having to mention Meyer. more

PasserBy11′s comment — well said, even though I disagree

[I was incredibly impressed by the testimony of PasserBy11 in the thread Are dinosaurs the real reason young Christians in college desert their faith. He had the opposite journey that I had in some respects. I have to say however I can so relate to the effect of bad behavior in the Church and the […] more

NBC weighs in on Nye-Ham debate, actually quotes Steve Meyer

He doesn’t want serious science issues buried in has-been theory vs. fundamentalism. His book still places, by the way. more

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