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Judge Jones loses in Florida and Louisiana

Judge Jones (the former liquor control board director famous for his involvement with Frog Beer) ruled in 2005 that it was unconstitutional for teachers in the Dover school district to question Darwinism. Jones viewed himself as the person who would settle the question of Darwinism for all time an eternity. He even went on the […] more

Expelled — Separation of Church and State in Public Education, Selectively Enforced

Judge Jones ruled that rational and evidential challenges to Darwinian orthodoxy cannot be tolerated in public education because they violate the First Amendment. It now appears that using religious images in a high school art class assignment is unconstitutional, but only if those religious images are Christian. A high school student has filed a lawsuit […] more

Caroline Crocker’s new website, and where the real action is

I’m pleased to announce the IDEA Center’s new Executive Director has just rolled out her own website: I met with Dr. Crocker recently at a screening of the movie Expelled. She will be featured prominently in the movie! The Darwinists have framed the ID debate as being about what should and should not be […] more

PBS Airs False “Facts” in its “Inherit the Wind” Version of the Kitzmiller Trial

From Evolution News and Views: More than 50 years ago two playwrights penned a fictionalized account of the 1920s Scopes Trial called “Inherit the Wind” that is now universally regarded by historians as inaccurate propaganda. Last night PBS aired its “Judgment Day: Intelligent Design” documentary, which similarly promotes propaganda about the 2005 Kitzmiller trial and […] more

How To Teach the Controversy Legally

I highly recommend this from the Discovery Institute: (Free Video) How To Teach the Controversy Legally (DvD Order Details) How To Teach the Controversy Legally more

Freedom of Religious Expression Protection Act of 2007

The act, often abbreviated “PERA” (Public Expression of Religion Act) was introduced introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2006 and was passed by a strong majority. It was not considered by the Senate in 2006. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) has reintroduced it to the Senate for 2007. The act prohibits the award of attorney’s […] more

PZ Steals My Thunder, (actually AA’s)

This from, Andrew Arensburger’s Blog. He’s planning a re-enactment podcast of the Dover trial, and is looking for voice talent to participate. PZ Myers advertised it on his website, so was jokingly named as Casting Director, and I guess that I have to shoulder the blame for that, since I’m the one who lied […] more

Don’t fire him . . . Just make his work-situation a living hell

The Scientist reports today on the unfolding Congressional probe into the Sternberg case. The following paragraph caught my attention: NCSE spokesman Nicholas Matzke said his group was not part of an effort to dismiss Sternberg. “A lot of people at the Smithsonian were mad because their journal was dragged into a political issue. We wanted […] more

The Vise Strategy Revisited

Barbara Forrest, the official historian for the anti-ID side, has a piece of revisionist history in the latest Skeptical Inquirer (see here). It is titled “The Vise Strategy Undone.” Since I’m the inventor of the Vise Strategy and one of the principal targets of her piece, let me offer a few corrections: (1) I wrote […] more

Settlement Puts Lid on Thought

Settlement puts lid on thought By LARRY TAYLOR Published on: 12/21/06 Once again, the potent combination of a liberal judge and the deep pockets of the American Civil Liberties Union have proved too much to overcome. more

Where Science Fails, Financial Intimidation Wins

The “science” of evolution can’t withstand even mild criticism so they resort to financial intimidation to win the day. Cobb county, Georgia, didn’t teach evolution at all in their high schools. A few years ago they decided to start teaching it and placed the following sticker in the textbook: This textbook contains material on evolution. […] more

Flatulence removed from “The Judge Jones School of Law”

The Rembrandt of flash animation and I are working to enhance “The Judge Jones School of Law.” As a first step we have made the animation less offensive to more refined sensibilities. All the overt flatulence has therefore been removed. Go to for the less objectional version of this animation (we are keeping the […] more

Plagiarism: The Letter of the Law Versus the Spirit of the Law

Judge Jones — by accepting widespread praise for the most salient and important part of his decision in its written form, without acknowledging the true authors — has implicitly taken credit for what was not his. In my view, this constitutes de facto plagiarism, and it should be called what it is. What say you? more

Judge Jones — plenary speaker at scientific meeting

ID is dead and has been defeated by real science. But if so, why is Judge John E. Jones III the plenary speaker at the big Botany & Plant Biology Joint Congress this summer (see below)? Could it be that the scientists at this meeting have failed to defeat ID on scientific grounds and thus […] more

“The Judge Jones School of Law”

A hilarious flash animation of Judge Jones as a pull-string doll appears over at The humor is, granted, adolescent, but this is a site for high school students, and they are, after all, the ones that Judge Jones’s decision disenfranchised. more

Judge Jones: Towering Intellectual or Narcissistic Putz?

Judge Jones tours the American countryside seeking the adulation of our intellectual elite and extolling the genius of his Kitzmiller v. Dover decision. The press release below indicates that Jones let the ACLU essentially dictate his decision. Instead of original and impeccable reasoning, Jones uncritically took extensive material from the ACLU’s proposed “findings of fact […] more

Self Evident Truths in State Constitution Preambles

I’d like to take this opportunity to give a tip o’ the hat to Roddy Bullock for a really great read From Jefferson to Jones: Self-Evident Truths Made Illegal Self evident truths is a reference to the first line of the second paragraph of the United States’ Declaration of Independence made in congress by the […] more

More Science by Judicial Fiat

Once again, when the secular ruling elite of the science establishment can’t make a convincing case on the merits they try to get their conclusions mandated by judicial fiat. US Supreme Court appears divided over global warming more

Ken Miller caught making factually incorrect statements under oath

Discovery Institute attorney and scientist (and IDEA co-founder) Casey Luskin has posted this article on more of Ken Miller’s mis-steps under oath and in public. See: Ken Miller’s “Random and Undirected” Testimony. Luskin earlier pointed out Miller’s misrepresentations under oath here. I figured you all might want a thread to discuss this, so here it […] more

Ed Brayton Needs To Talk To Tim Sandefur About Juries

I normally don’t respond to any of Ed Brayton’s pap (see here and here) but he’s become apoplectic on this and he’s contradicting his good friend and attorney Tim Sandefur who wrote about a right to a jury in the Dover case. more

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