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Mature galaxies found from when the universe was only 1.6 billion years old

Fifteen years ago, such galaxies were not predicted to even exist. more

Search more widely for dark matter, astrophysicists say

Two hitches: It may not exist, or it may not be discoverable.

William Lane Craig vs. Sean Carroll cosmology debate now online

The existence of God in contemporary cosmology more

Mathematician complains Wikipedia is promoting “pseudo-science” of multiverse

Facts don’t matter in comparison to a multiverse, and Woit may soon be called ruder names than “creationist” for not just cheering in unison. more

Neil DeGrasse Tyson argues for multiverse

These don’t strike yer humble news hack as exceptionally good arguments for a multiverse. What do physicist readers make of them? more

Just because the universe is huge does it necessarily follow that we are insignificant?

Does a syllogism to that effect repose somewhere in the NASA archives? more

National Geographic introduces multiverse, suggests our universe arose from a black hole in another

The evidence for the proposition is precisely nothing except the fact that someone could think it up. more

Design in the universe then and now: Cicero and Max Planck

As a friend puts it, they had the same ideas about it, just 1989 years apart. more

Is that cold “No Big Bang” universe impossible at the outset…?

… because a past infinity is impossible? more

New No-Bang theory posits infinite very cold past

In short, instead of a singularity (which is what the Big Bang necessarily is), we must accept a hypothetical cosmon field. more

Unpublished Einstein manuscript defended no-Big Bang theory

But he apparently changed his vote later. more

Is the universe a computer simulation?

Apart from the math and the graphics, how is “Is the universe a computer simulation?” different from “Is everything we experience a dream someone is having?” more

Evidence for the Big Bang fifty years old this year

The sheer number of crackpot cosmologies developed to get around it is voluble testimony to the human imagination. more

Here’s a current cosmology debate on why the world exists

Are science questions unsolvable if the multiverse is just imagination? more

NYT columnist asks, is intelligent design theory a form of simulated universes theory?

The comments so far read are hardly illuminating. So what do readers think? more

Researchers: Neutrinos that have mass may help sort out problem with standard model of physics

Multiverses were supposed to fix the mess that the standard model is supposedly in, but by all accounts, much less radical and arbitrary fixes of current problems are quite sufficient. more

Black hole uproar is collision of quantum mechanics with information theory

says physicist Rob Sheldon. “You could say the same thing about ID, the Wild West in evolution is occurring because of the collision of genetics and information theory.” more

The “no black holes” uproar a week later

New Scientist is calling it a “cosmological Wild West.” Somewhere, Einstein and Bohr are playing chess by the pool … more

Do recreational drugs play a role in some of those Edgy cosmologies we hear about?

Most things that sound “wildly implausible and unnatural when first proposed” sound that way years later too. Recreational drugs are known for causing one to lose track of that fact. more

Another science writer has learned the news: Cosmology has filed for divorce from science

“Simply do not care about reality,” you say? Yes. We’ve noticed that too. In fact, WE are surprised that science didn’t file first. Such longsuffering, honestly. more

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