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No past infinity? But what about a minus past infinity?

Kirk Durston: It is impossible to count through the entire set of negative integers, from minus infinity to zero, one integer at a time. more

Universe before Big Bang? Almost surely part of multiverse

Actually, other sources have developed the multiverse into a way bigger pantheon than just a universe that is “much bigger than just the part observable to us.” more

Supersymmetry MUST BE true

What sort of beliefs (other than mathematical axioms) must be true? Surely, only beliefs that have attained the status of a religion. more

I’m a Luke Barnes fan even though he would surely be critical of my ideas

Luke Barnes has been mentioned favorably twice at Uncommon Descent. I mentioned him in Nuclear Physicist asks, “Why is PZ Myers so dumb?” and slams Victor Stenger to boot. VJ Torley mentioned him favorably in Is fine tuning a fallacy. I “learned” intro cosmology from Barbara Ryden’s book, but I put “learned” in quotes because […] more

Supersymmetry at a crossroads? No kidding! Again?

They won’t really confront any “epochal paradigm shift” no matter what happens because the standard is subtly changing. more

Searching for the quantum bits of the universe

Chou thinks the universe might not be 3D but a 2D hologram. Actually the 2D idea, in itself, has been done before, in a 19th century novel called Flatland. more

Is cosmologist Carroll’s eternal universe possible?

There is a fatal flaw in the model, says Kirk Durston. more

Cosmologist: Black holes produce new universes, physics laws

In fairness, it’s not easy to get all the science kitsch (Darwinism, multiverse, black hole woo) together in just one theory; gotta give Smolin credit for that. more

Who do Cosmos’ producers think cares about science anyway?

The supposed natural Cosmos fans are not the vanguard of a scientific revolution; they are the vanguard of believing whatever turns your crank. more

Vodka! Cosmologists Say Last Week’s Announcement About Inflation May Be Wrong — now my turn!

Cosmologists Say Last Week’s Announcement About Gravitational Waves and Inflation May Be Wrong. Hey, I want to take a chance too at being wrong too. Here is my shot at being wrong, I agree with Katirai: Andromeda has 1 star, not billions. Professor of Astronomy YP Varshni published in 2005 that quasar Ton 202 is […] more

Christian Darwinist Karl Giberson weighs in on the recent gravitational waves discovery

Actually, it is true that modern cosmologists “found more theologically friendly models of the Big Bang ‘disturbing,’ and wanted to refute them.” They have, to their credit, never made any secret of it. more

Scientific American Science writer John Horgan still doubts cosmic inflation …

Funny how some front a multiverse based on the findings and others doubt inflation. Best approach is likely informed, cautious skepticism. more

The multiverse doesn’t need actual evidence …

… so it is amazing what can be pulled out of the hat more

Kirk Durston: Cosmologist Sean Carroll simply asserts “a conclusion with no supporting argument”

Durston: Defining the universe as ‘all that exists’ seems to be a rational inquiry stopper. more

Re yesterday’s announcement: So what are gravitational waves?

One theory holds that holds that the way the cosmic microwave background can get polarized, is if gravity waves from the original Big Bang are amplified. more

Cosmos ratings disappoint?

A sci-fi drama did more than twice as well. That makes sense, of course. The multiverse is sci-fi, but without the Star Trek cast. more

Announcement: Signal detected for cosmic microwave background’s polarization

Physicist Rob Sheldon: Now the rest of the press release is all speculation, or theory, or whatever you call it when people breathlessly tell you that the sky is falling because something hit them on the head. more

Have astronomers picked up echoes of the Big Bang?

Who knows, maybe we’ll find ourselves back with a cosmology based on fact, instead of what dope they smoke? more

In one way, cosmology more like the social science than like physics—says cosmologist

Hey, he’s playing our song. Well, it’s nice we all agree on something. more

Does lopsided universe mean problems with standard model?

Probably not. The standard model is widely critiqued today not because of its occasional problems—or because of the normal skepticism of science—but because it provides support for a universe that many in science don’t like (one with theistic implications. more

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