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New type of fish eye discovered, with second mirror retina

Readers, do you ever get the feeling, listening to Darwin-approved news copy, that you are listening to a sociopath on the witness stand in a criminal court case? more

Is “vestigial organ” a term that should be retired?

Adipose fin evolved independently and from more than one ancestor. So most likely not vestigial. Few parts, it seems, are. more

It’s Sunday morning so I get to talk about the praying mantis, right?

Ah yes, the deniable Darwin. It’s been eighteen years since I was having lunch with one of the smartest people I knew, in Toronto. He made me come back to his office to wait while he photocopied “The Deniable Darwin” for me to read. And get back to him and tell him what I thought. more

Neon fish evolved separately many times

… but we need a yellow filter to see them. At first, a researcher thought that the photographer had photoshopped the colours in as a joke. (See the first vid.) more

What are the Odds?

An expert in “frog evolution” has demonstrated that frogs in different continents “evolved” the same sorts of characteristics. Now just ask yourself: what are the odds that “evolution,” which works via random processes, would “evolve” the same kinds of characteristics on different continents? Yet, that is what our evolutionary biologist friends would ask us to […] more

Shark and human proteins “stunningly similar”; shark closer to human than to zebrafish

Somebody got an explanation? Or is this just another evolution news dump, hoping no one will say, how weird is THIS? more

Why many dinosaurs developed beaks

Evolved several times, not just to reduce weight but to improve skull stability while biting. more

Convergent evolution: A new third way for eels and snakes

The researchers think the fish wasn’t as flexible as eels or snakes. more

A software engineer on convergent evolution

High rates of convergent evolution are only “incredible” if we simply assume as an article of faith that there is no design, and that therefore there is nothing to research. It shall remain then, forever, incredible. No matter why the design exists. A price paid, shall we say, for dogmatism killing curiosity. more

Nature: Convergent evolution seen in hundreds of genes

Why was convergent evolution a “surprising result”? The dead hand of Darwin rules. And no one in power considers the cost of government. Or needs to. more

Convergent evolution of turtle shells?

Article: Researchers trying to reach consensus about how the shell develops have concluded that turtles may have more than one way to build a turtle shell. more

News flash! Evolution discovered to have reasoning powers!

According to the story, evolution didn’t create the common blueprint, only discovered it. So there is someone even smarter out there who actually developed the blueprint. more

Theology According to P.Z. Myers

Over on The Panda’s Thumb blog, Darwinian apologist P.Z. Myers recently posted a pejorative laden critique of a review article by Casey Luskin. Luskin was responding to a recent New York Times article on a study purporting to show how certain genes in fish might hold an important clue on how fins turned to feet. […] more

Four orders of insects deal with toxic plants the same way

“This is truly a remarkable level of evolutionary repeatability and suggests that evolving resistance to the plant toxin had very few effective options.” more

Does dark matter really exist?

“Dark matter stubbornly refuses to come out of the shadows. ” more

Core muscle proteins are present in sponges that lack true muscles

Should there be a new term for this type of evolution, of a faculty that could not obviously be of use to the life form that possesses it? But might be to others? more

Geckos gained and lost adhesive toepads many times?

The evasion, of course, is the idea that natural selection, acting on random mutation, somehow just produces the quality as needed, time and again, in the gecko evolutionary tree. more

Muscle cell myosin developed in unicellular organisms long before animals

Life forms do not randomly evolve solutions through natural selection; they are inwardly driven to converge on possible solutions in a wilderness of non-solutions. more