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Powerful refutation of Darwin’s theory of evolution falls through the cracks?

This study … convincingly correlates the development of life on Earth with the explosion of nearby stars over the past 510 million years. more

In the news: James “Gaia theory” Lovelock backs off on climate change alarmism

“he and many others, including former U.S. vice-president Al Gore, were ‘extrapolating too far’ from computer models.” more

Scientific American on Tennessee teacher protection law: Hollywood’s climate change script at risk

Worst case scenario?: Some smart alec student might ask why celebs jet around the globe, asking poor folk to use less fuel. more

Could climate change replace Darwinism as The Big Explanation?

“Ultimately, this model explains why Homo sapiens as a species are here and the archaic humans are not.” more

“No credible scientific alternative” is the world’s biggest science stopper

The fact that the vast majority of scientists are in no doubt about something means nothing in the long run. more

Sigh. “Fake but accurate”: The Darwin lobby gets enmeshed in the latest climate change scandal

Doesn’t this “fake but accurate” schtick focus attention on the exact reason people doubt Darwinism?: It sounds plausible to many but isn’t true. more

Researchers scared to death of the anti-science lobby?

And if researchers are scared to death, it is us working stiffs they are scared of, really. more

Why does the climate change lobby want the Darwin lobby on board?

NCSE’s pass into publicly funded schools, due to court decisions, is valuable – isn’t that the product their new, well-heeled “climate change” funders are really buying? more

Darwinism and climate change: Go on then, make a PREDICTION!

If such studies don’t enable us to predict anything, why are they important for understanding the outcomes of anthropogenic climate change? more

Has the American Scientific Affiliation Forgotten Their Stated Identity?

Our vision is to promote good science, based on impartial evaluation of evidence, not mere consensus. more

Paul Greenberg offers some reflections on how a science community copes with discordant data … or doesn’t

“Men, it has been said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” more

Climate change controversy: It takes a long time to turn a great ship around, but eventually …

The principal elite belief, throughout human history, is “There are too many rabble and they’re ruining everything.” Elites are always generous about what constitutes evidence in favour of that view. more

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Al Gore on why evidence doesn’t matter (with free curse words)

A guy can create an uproar by setting the fire alarm – once. The third time, it won’t be a fire that gets investigated. more

The Darwin lobby has been forced to take a part time job?

Apparently. Ian Binns, a science education researcher at Louisiana StateUniversity, told Science that a law such as Louisiana’s, which misdescribes established scientific theories such as evolution as controversial, “tells our students and teachers that there are problems that there aren’t” and distort their understanding of the nature of science; NCSE’s Joshua Rosenau added, “Science is […] more

Polls: Rising number doubt honesty among scientists

The government needs to vote the people out of office and elect a new “pro-science” public that would never think they had any right to question such things. more

Why wasn’t that polar bear scientist a full-time Darwinist writing about human evolution? He’d be way safer.

Why wasn’t that polar bear scientist a full-time Darwinist writing about human evolution? His speculations would be way safer. more

When the politics of climate change clash with the politics of Darwinism, expect a big fight – but which wins?

An interesting clash is shaping up between the truisms of Darwinian evolution and those of climate change, as reported in ”Can Evolution Outpace Climate Change? Tiny Seashore Animal Suggests Not”, (ScienceDaily, June 9, 2011): Animals and plants may not be able to evolve their way out of the threat posed by climate change, according to a […] more

Heartland Institute on NAS Climate Report

Your tax dollars being used against you: ————————————— NAS Climate Report: ‘Partisan, Closed Minded’ The National Academy of Sciences Thursday reasserted its opinion that the Earth’s climate has warmed to crisis levels and that human activity – the burning of fossil fuels – is the primary cause. In its 869-page report, the NAS, a group […] more

Lord Monckton’s Climate Testimony Before Congress

Here’s an enjoyable piece of testimony from May 6th, 2010 by Lord Christopher Monckton before Congress. For the pdf of his testimony, go here. His point about science not being a matter of consensus is well taken and was stated even more eloquently by Michael Crichton in his 2003 Caltech Michelin lecture (go here). Also important is […] more

We’re Not Critics – We’re Enemies!

Today’s Fox News website had this little story, entitled Climate Scientists Plan to Hit Back at Skeptics. In the article, Stanford University climate researcher Paul R. Ehrlich had this to say about global warming skeptics: “Most of our colleagues don’t seem to grasp that we’re not in a gentlepersons’ debate, we’re in a street fight […] more

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