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Can’t risk new directions AFTER tenure either, says prof

Prof: too many grant proposals are written for research that is already well underway with pretty much guaranteed outcomes. more

It’s okay to tweak science for a cause, say journal authors

Oddly, none of these people think the rest of us are capable of figuring out that they aren’t telling the truth. more

Which will win? Darwinism or global warming?

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets. more

Scopes Trial symbolism co-opted in the climate change controversy?

The appeal of the Scopes trial endures as an exposition of the fundamental divide: traditional outlooks vs. scientism (= whatever current science lobbies want is the only source of values and truth). more

Climate change will wipe out a quarter of species … no, spur the evolution of new species

Just think; we will finally have evidence for the evolution of new species. A silver lining in the clouds of climate change. more

EPA’s top paid fraudster, ahem, climate expert, could go to jail

The EPA’s highest-paid employee and a leading expert on climate change deserves to go to prison for at least 30 months for lying to his bosses and saying he was a CIA spy working in Pakistan so he could avoid doing his real job, say federal prosecutors. John C. Beale, who pled guilty in September […] more

The US. Darwin in the schools lobby is serious about climate change activism

Not just a sideline. It is going after the Heartland Institute. more

Commentator Ed Driscoll on Popular Science’s “No Comments” editorial tantrum …

He’s got a point. If they weren’t treating their theories about global warming and evolution as a religion, they’d hardly care so much about the fact that their combox is not a total fan club. more

Darwin-in-the-schools lobby has a new blog

The pressure group’s new blog, Science League of America, seems focused on portraying themselves as good all-round American folks. more

A telling open letter to the new editor of AAAS’s Science magazine

Usually, when people acknowledge science as the only source of truth, their pet causes govern what science IS allowed to be true. more

Evolution “too slow” for climate change?

Sorry, Arizona, evolution can’t be too slow for climate change. Or too fast. Or too anything. It is what it is. Like any other history. more

Noam Chomsky: Huffing against design in the universe backfires?

Curiously, Chomsky, though comfortable with naturalist/materialist accounts in general, doubted Darwin. more

Why sane environmentalism needs intelligent design theory

Well, for one thing, Chicken Little has had to retire. He just can’t compete. And he was more fun. more

It’s not just the design theorists.

In an uncertain age, anyone who suggests that consensus beliefs could be improved on can find themselves looking for work. more

Peer review: Putting politics before science on ultimate PC issue, climate change…

… and then wondering why people don’t take the science seriously. more

ID-friendly Telic Thoughts blog takes sardonic view of Darwin’s man Nick Matzke’s Nature paper

It’s curious that atheists don’t actually come up with new cultural themes. They recast venerable tent revivals with new stars, new props. more

Doubting pop science journalism doesn’t mean you don’t know your science

Science journalists should forego assuming that people who doubt are simply not science literate. more

Climate scientists should ramp up the rhetoric to sway public opinion – science writer

Something is missing from this picture. Going bad didn’t make the science stars good; it just didn’t stop them from winning. more

Latest environmental mandate: Engineer teeny weeny humans to leave smaller footprints

“That’s the message of a recent Atlantic article … on a proposal — to be published soon in an environmental ethics journal” more

From The Best Schools: Mad Scientists Then and Now

“People are too big. If we want to save the planet, we must shrink ourselves.” more

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