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Canadian Christian science writer: “ID is not just an unnecessary choice; it is a harmful one.”

“It reduces God to a kind of holy tinkerer.” more

Theistic evolutionist: Why we ought to believe in the Higgs boson even though we don’t have evidence

In other words, its power to explain is seen as an indicator of its truth. more

Biologos is raising funds for teaching Christian students Darwinism

You might like to offer the school a gift to host credible explanations instead. more

First Things magazine covers atheists who are rescuing design

Here’s the problem: Why be an atheist if you live in a multiverse where everything is true somewhere. Atheism is true, and so is every kind of God or god. And, your point is what, exactly? more

Here’s another of Darwin’s original bulldogs – the theistic Darwinist Charles Kingsley

Why was he “eminently successful”? Because the fact that the atheist Darwinists are usually prominent and the Christian Darwinists are usually negligible in the field is – for some reason – seldom made explicit by the latter. more

Theologian Peter Enns talks about why BioLogos did not renew his contract

He didn’t leave them; they dumped him. more

British Christian Darwinists dump on origin of life theorist Steve Meyer

Major non-Christian theorists’ issues with Darwinism sail right through the God Gap in the average Christian Darwinist’s head, landing in a pile of sandals somewhere. more

Remember Jerry Coyne claiming theologian wouldn’t release tapes of a debate Coyne thinks he won? Just in …

Has hit slashdot. more

Why the Biologos Christian Darwinism project is either completely confused or a fifth column: Revealed!

In “BioLogos Blog Author Helps Darwin’s Universal Acid Burn God Right Out of Religion” (Evolution News & Views, November 3, 2011), Casey Luskin notes: In Darwin’s Dangerous Idea, new atheist philosopher Daniel Dennett famously describes Darwinism as a “universal acid” that “eats through just about every traditional concept” — including religion. BioLogos has now approvingly posted an article by […] more

Hardcore Christianity likes “God and Evolution” book

“The central question of the text, specifically, is whether or not theistic evolution is a tenable position.” more

Christian Darwinists getting purged from Calvin College?

Vocal Darwin supporter Steve Matheson has left too. more

Responses to the Good Word from Giberson in the New York Times

Which should have been titled, if you ask some of us, “The evangelical rejection of stuff that closes churches, and why they should really want their churches to die.” more

Giberson and Stephens want American evangelicals to forsake their tradition for a rat’s nest of crackpot ideas.

Giberson and Stephens don’t want evangelicals to forsake their tradition for a different religion. They want them to forsake it for a rat’s nest of crackpot ideas. more

Al Mohler responds to Giberson and Stephens’ NYT piece

They could rest assured that the readership of The New York Times would overwhelmingly agree with their worldview and with their assessment of evangelical Christianity. That, we must assume, is their reward. more

Observant Jew Prager takes on Christian Darwinist Giberson

“If these professors typify the views of Eastern Nazarene, which is officially listed as a Christian university, it is reason for despair.” more

Remember that new Christian university group, Ratio Christi, that was unambiguously friendly to ID?

Sounds like they mean it. more

Giberson and Stephens in New York Times: “Hard to recognize our religious tradition in the mainstream evangelical conversation”

Actually, no one who is serious about being a Christian talks this way. more

Caroline Crocker responds to Darwin lobby accusations, Part II

When speakers at Christian groups who say that they are open to honest discussion demean those with whom they disagree, I object. more

Why atheists will doubt Darwin ahead of Biologos and American Scientific Affiliation

Darwin was convenient for many atheists when credible.Now… more

Will “disappeared” document slamming Darwin’s saints be restored at American Scientific Affiliation’s Web site?

Rumour has it that the whole of the Introduction, strangely missing from the American Scientific Affiliation Web site, will now be put back after going “missing,” like a purged Kommisar in official Communist photos. more

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