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Christian Darwinists get it wrong at BioLogos … but isn’t that the job they are supposed to do?

First of all, Venema confuses “irreducibly complex” with “essential for the viability of the organism.” more

Clergy Letter Project “Scientists on call to help Clergy” — Steve Matheson and Amy Bishop

HT: Jammer, UD commenter The Clergy Letter Project was organized to help promote Darwinism in the churches. They maintained a directory of Scientists on call to help Clergy. However the clergy letter project has a checkered past of recruiting scientists with dubious ethical standards to help spread the Gospel according to Darwin. Were it not […] more

Memo to Darrel Falk: Take the ghost of Darwin out and shoot it. Dawn.

Yes, you can shoot a ghost. It doesn’t affect the ghost, but it sure makes a difference for you. more

James Shapiro: It’s hard to consider cell checkpoints purely mechanical – so why is BioLogos …

… dumping Darwin’s trash on us? more

Further thoughts on Stephen Barr’s theistic Darwinism: Why should a “made by YHWH” tag in a cell be convincing?

A Darwinist would say that the accidental tag explains why the illusion of design is so persistent in people’s minds … it is embedded in our cells, more

Thoughts on Stephen Barr’s theistic Darwinism: If God can load the dice so cleverly that no evidence would reveal it …

… why couldn’t he have just created the fossils all at once, to fool us or test our faith? more

Bill Dembski on his discussion with BioLogos head Darrel Falk

“How can [Falk] avoid the charge that the faith by which he sees God’s handiwork is merely an overlay on top of a nature that, taken by itself, is neutral or even hostile to Christian faith?” more

Memo re BioLogos: We are waiting for answers that will likely never come …

ID sympathizers – whatever position we take on religion – agree that it could, in principle, be about facts. That is, there can be actual fine-tuning of the universe, actual irreducible complexity, actual revelation. more

What part of naked, normal Darwinism do the BioLogians actually reject and why?

The BioLogians kvetch about being called Christian Darwinists. But what explicit proposition advanced by Darwinists in the science literature are they prepared to deny, based on evidence? more

Bill Dembski’s second installment at BioLogos

” We see this denial of teleology in Darwin’s own writings and we find it among his contemporary disciples, even among theistic evolutionists. ” more

Bill Dembski asks, Is Darwinism theologically neutral – at BioLogos (= Christians for Darwin)

So Darwinism is compatible with a Christianity where churches rise again – as some really nice condos with an airy central atrium, very hot real estate-wise. more

Should Chuck Colson really have listened to Francis Collins on ID?

Why? more

Douglas Wilson: What if Darwin’s baby is “a particularly ugly chimp that somebody smuggled into the nursery”?

“Some of us want to say, ‘Hey! That’s not baby Jane!’” more

New BioLogos series vows to get rid of “nasty name calling” against ID?

Well, Davis stands a better chance of letting ID theorists explain ID (assuming that is wanted) if he enforces that rule. more

Recent BioLogos meeting in New York: Enthusiastic despite being a minority

One wonders about the wisdom of revealing the fact that 60 attendees did not want their names published without permission (as opposed to just not mentioning the matter). more

BioLogos claims not to be Darwinist after all … and it’s not April 1 either.

Big change in the wind? “BioLogos does not subscribe to Darwinism, but Dr. Dembski has chosen this title and we will respond to it.” more

If seven equations rule the world, which one proves that Ken Miller’s Darwinism is right …

And should be forced on Americans for their own good? more

Richard Weikart asks Christian Darwinists some pretty obvious questions

“If Stephens and Giberson had written their book a century earlier, they could have blasted conservative evangelicals for rejecting the eugenics movement and compulsory sterilization for the disabled, which many secular intellectuals considered progressive and scientific. ” more

Bill Dembski: Trouble happens when they find out you mean business

For many Christian academics, the worst news possible is that the atheists they are discreetly selling out to don’t have the goods anyway. more

Christian Darwinism: From the Pangea blog, we hear from evangelical rejects* who want us to know that …

“Preaching Against Evolution in Evangelical Churches Creates Atheists ”: * “Evangelical rejects” is their own term of choice. What else did you need to know about why no one need pay them any mind? Follow UD News at Twitter! more

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