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Salt experiment breaks known chemistry rules?

Researcher says that at 200,000 atmospheres they found “”crazy compounds that violate textbook rules.” If valid, this could be relevant to planet science. more

Relevance of coin analogies to homochirality and symbolic organization in biology

The problem of homochirality in biology does not have prominence in ID literature because it is unglamorous and there is hesitation to endorse homochirality as evidence of design because of the fear there will be some future discovery in chemistry that will over turn it. But the sword of uncertainty cuts both ways, and if […] more

Specified Entropy — a suggested convention for discussion of ID concepts

In terms of textbook thermodynamics, a functioning Lamborghini has more thermal entropy than that same Lamborghini with its engine and other vital parts removed. But intuitively we view such a destruction of a functioning Lamborghini as an increase in entropy and not a decrease of entropy. Something about this example seems downright wrong… To fix […] more

“Truly open data at BioMed Central” as of September 3

From release: Openly communicating scientific research involves more than publishing in an open access journal; sharing the underlying data is an increasingly important part of the research and publication process. more

Why on Earth would a layman accept Darwinistic claims?

First, by “Darwinistic” I mean “atheistic-materialist neo-Darwinist”, which includes the view that even the origin of life can be explained by reference to chance and natural law. As Alan Fox points out, many of those here are “laymen” when it comes to evolutionary biology.  Most of us are not specifically schooled or trained in that […] more

How complex systems can arise from chemical elements

If they are directed by thousands of irreducibly complex minds. more

Names proposed for two new chemical elements, 114 and 116

“The official periodic table still contains only 114 elements because elements 113 and 115 haven’t been officially accepted yet.” more

At what temperature must water absolutely freeze? Lower than we might think …

“… in the strange and wacky world of water, tiny amounts of liquid water theoretically still might be present even as temperatures plunge below minus 48 C (minus 55 F)” more

Oxygen found in deep space

This is a serious science story, not like this one. From MSNBC, we learn: “Breathe easier: Oxygen molecules found in deep space: For first time, after nearly 230-year search, they turn up in region of Orion nebula.” Which solves a mystery: “Oxygen is the third-most-common element in the universe and its molecular form must be […] more

Photographer Lazslo Bencze offers Scrabble letters, viewed by aliens, as analogy to design

Let us imagine a strange alien race that sets out to learn about humanity. By chance they have encountered a single Scrabble tile imprinted with the letter “e”. Because these aliens are extremely thorough materialists, they undertake to study the tile as deeply as possible. Not only do they subject it to chemical analysis but, […] more

Born again evolutionary biologist critiques Gauger-Axe paper

In “Protein evolution in BIO-Complexity”(Todd’s Blog , April 13, 2011), Todd C. Wood comments on the recent BIO-Complexity paper by Ann Gauger and Doug Axe. He finds their work puzzling because they proceed as biochemists rather than evolutionary biologists, and summarizes: In the larger scheme of things, I am sensing a discouraging pattern to BIO-Complexity publications. […] more

Is Craig Venter’s Synthetic Cell Really Life?

Bioethicist Gregory Kaebnick, Ph.D., has an interesting take on the recently announced synthetic cell created by a team of researchers led by J. Craig Venter at the J. Craig Venter Instititute (JVCI). In a recent article in The Scientist entitled Is the “Synthetic Cell” about Life?, Kaebnick writes: …the technical accomplishment is not quite what […] more

Judge rules DNA is unpatentable because it is INFORMATION not extracted chemicals

Judge Robert W. Sweet has turned the biotech patent industry into turmoil. See: After Patent on Genes Is Invalidated, Taking Stock By ANDREW POLLACK, March 30, 2010 Although patents are not granted on things found in nature, the DNA being patented had long been considered a chemical that was isolated from, and different from, what […] more

Biosemiotics and Intelligent Design

Semiotix – Stephen Pain The distinction between “theorising” and “belief” is extremely important because our attitude differs towards them. In a theory the reified concept of the sign does not have an ontological status but an epistemological one. While in belief, the concept has often a clear ontological one. Uexküll believed in his concept of […] more

Professor Pinker engages in wishful thinking – dissent is significant among chemists and chemical engineers

As recently noted on this site, in his letter to the Boston Globe, Harvard University psychology Professor Steven Pinker began SHAME ON you for publishing two creationist op-eds in two years from the Discovery Institute, a well-funded propaganda factory that aims to sow confusion about evolution. Virtually no scientist takes “intelligent design’’ seriously, and in […] more

Message Theory – A Testable ID Alternative to Darwinism – Part 4

Dobzhansky got it backwards: The unity of life at the biochemical level is evidence for Message Theory, and against evolution. more

Science’s Rightful Place Redux

Back in January I posted this comment to ask what is science’s “rightful place.” Now it seems we’re getting a clearer picture of the answer as far as the President is concerned. Fox News is reporting that President Obama to issue an executive order on Monday that would lift the restrictions on embryonic stem cell […] more

RNA Getting Lengthy

ScienceDaily reports on an interesting experiment relevant to OOL scenarios. With the aid of a straightforward experiment, researchers have provided some clues to one of biology’s most complex questions: how ancient organic molecules came together to form the basis of life. Specifically, this study demonstrated how ancient RNA joined together to reach a biologically relevant […] more

Life From Chiral Crystals . . . Really?

The other day I made an offhand comment that the chirality problem was nowhere being solved. Yellow Shark was nice enough to provide a link to new research published in November, 2008. Now I was referring to scenarios which could occur in nature, not in lab conditions, and so I contacted some friends to see […] more