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Kirk Durston on “God and Science – Is there a Conflict?” . . . food for thought

I think we need to watch a video by Friend of UD, Kirk Durston. But first, a loop-back note: I have been rather busy elsewhere with issues like AS-AD, Kondratiev waves, Hayek’s investment triangle, SD and Schumpeterian creative destruction.(Pardon the resulting absence.) BTW, this line of thought leads me to hold that the oh- so- […] more

2013 paper: Bioelectric code helps govern embryo shape

So, what exactly, does the selfish gene do that it supposedly runs everything? more

How much does DNA influence cell shape?

In short, we don’t know how even these single cells get their shape, and it doesn’t seem to be as simple as “from their DNA, moron!” more

Jonathan Wells: We are far from a good theoretical model of organisms’ development

We are far from having a complete list of the components, as a matter of fact. more

“Miracle,” “miraculously” used to describe reassembled … bacteria

Well, we can’t rule out that it is a miracle, of course, but perhaps there is a layer of organization in a life form that is more basic than DNA as we know it. more

sRNA for Quorum Sensing: Evidence for CSI?

Bacteria demonstrate intra-species communication that is species specific using a partner with a communication molecule. Bacteria are also “multilingual” with a generic trade language for interspecies communication. Bacteria control tasks by signal producing and receiving receptors with a signal carrier. The tasks bacteria conduct depend on the concentration they sense of self bacteria versus generic […] more

2013 Nobel Prize for intracellular transport networks

Just heard on the Caribbean’s traditional 7:00 am BBC morning news, award of a Nobel Prize to James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman and Thomas C. Südhof for their discoveries of machinery regulating vesicle traffic, a major transport system in our cells The Nobel press release remarks: The 2013 Nobel Prize honours three scientists who […] more

Nature article: Tut. Tut. Mustn’t use engineering metaphors to describe life.

Basically, engineering metaphors make life sound designed. Mustn’t be allowed. Oversight is recommended. more

Beautiful animation of transcription and translation

Voice Over: “The innermost workings of how a simple code is turned into flesh and blood.” more

Cool animations from Stroma Studios, including how cyanide poisons cells

Relax and remember that all that is going on all the time inside you, and you didn’t even know. Except this one, which is how cyanide poisoning disrupts ATP synthesis more

Fri nite frite: HIV virus infects host (vid)

Yes, that’s NIH’s Francis Collins introducing the speaker. more

James Shapiro on “dangerous oversimplifications” about the cell

Two of them: (i) to consider the genome as a mere physical carrier of hypothetical units called “genes” that determine particular cell or organismal traits, and (ii) to think of the genome as a digitally encoded Read-Only Turing tape more

The traffic rules of gene transcription

“The longer the gene, the greater the risk that it has molecular “bumps” that can create traffic jams, derailing transcription. Therefore, transcription enzymes riding along such genes at a lower rate can do their job more efficiently … ” more

Video: The Dennis Noble lecture in Suzhou China on physiology and Neo-Darwinian evolutionary biology . . . N.B. revolutionary, transforming ideas and facts

Between Sal C and Nullasalus, this has come up: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Paper can be read here. Also cf. The Music of Life sourcebook, here. A key step in the reasoning: Noble’s pivotal point in light of his detailed argument: This is meant to support a thread of discussion, so kindly comment here. […] more

Was four-stranded, ‘quadruple helix’ DNA designed or mutated?

‘Quadruple helix’ DNA seen in human cells Balasubramanian’s group has been pursuing a four-stranded version of the molecule (DNA) that scientists have produced in the test tube now for a number of years. It is called the G-quadruplex. The “G” refers to guanine, one of the four chemical groups, or “bases”, that hold DNA together […] more

Vid: Excellent demo reel of cellular animation

From 2012 XVIVO more

Evidence for an Engineered Universe

In the next video for the Engineering and Metaphysics conference, we have our keynote speaker, Walter Bradley, author of The Mystery of Life’s Origin (the book which kicked off the Intelligent Design movement). Here Bradley presents an overview of the cosmological case for design. Lots of interesting information from the man who started it all! […] more

The Design of the Simplest Self-Replicator

The first video from the Engineering and Metaphysics conference is from Arminius Mignea. His talk is about self-replication, and what is really required for self-replication to occur. Mignea reviews current attempts at self-replication, and shows the minimal structures needed for it to occur. The slides for the talk are available here. Enjoy! more

Does anyone know what to make of this 2010 Nature paper?

According to which bacteria give to charity? more

Sat nite at the movies: Great three D animation of the cell

“In the modern era, computer animation has brought this world to life and made it accessible in a way that it never has been before. ” more

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